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For 15 years I have had the pleasure of teaching many people the skills to pass their driving test. It has been an enormous pleasure to meet people of all ages and nationality and be able to pass on my knowledge and skills to enable them to achieve their goal of passing their driving test. Learning to drive can be a daunting experience for some people so every lesson is tailored to the individual needs and skills. Keeping students calm and relaxed to ensure they become confident and safe drivers for years to come.

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  • LeaP with Rob
  • LeaP with Rob
  • LeaP with Rob
  • LeaP with Rob
  • LeaP with Rob


Rob is a great instructor and was really helpful with my driving

William bennett | 16 November, 2022

Rob was my 3rd instructor and i highly recommend! Makes you feel at ease and helps you build your confidence up. Wouldn’t of passed without his encouragement and believing in me:) Will be recommending to anyone looking for a reliable instructor.

Ellie | 21 April, 2022

I did pass my test on the first time with zero faults. He’s very patient, friendly With him
I learn all to be a safe driver. I feel very lucky to had him as a my instructor.. was the best one, Highly recommend Rob
Thanks Rob, nice to meet you!!! I’ll miss our lessons

Jennifer hunter blair | 23 March, 2022

Excellent instructor 100% recommended. He covers all the points to be considered in the test, he is very patient and helps you out to understand how you should drive safely and efficiently. I passed on my first try!

Miguel Castellano | 20 March, 2022

Wonderful bloke, friendly, patient, caring and great with my autism. I rarely feel comfortable around other people, however Rob really made me feel at ease. I passed 1st time with only one minor.

I would highly recommend Rob for anyone needing lessons in and around Basingstoke.

Sean Haynes | 20 March, 2022

rob is a great instructor, im so glad he was my instructor, i would highly recommended him to anyone.

brandon | 19 March, 2022

Highly recommend Rob, I did pass my test on the first time. He’s so patient with new drivers. I start with him from zero and he helps you a lot to build all of the skills you need to have to become a driver. I’m so lucky to had him as a my instructor.. always remember mirror, signal, manoeuvre.
Thanks Rob you Rock!!

Nicole Hunter Blair | 8 February, 2022

Rob is a great guy who’s easy going, really helped me feel more confident when driving which helped me pass my test!

Tom Frankham | 2 February, 2022

Rob was the best instructor and helped me feel at ease whilst driving, he was very understanding and would explain things well when I made mistakes, he made our lessons very enjoyable with his good sense of humour, I can’t thank him enough

Sophie Clarke | 30 August, 2020

Robs a great instructor who has incredible patience for his students. Not only did he teach me how to drive a car to pass my test first time; but how to understand the roads safely. 5* would definitely recommend to anyone who’s looking for an excellent and fair priced driving instructor!.

Keith | 30 August, 2020

Rob was a great instructor! Knew nothing about driving before him and he taught me so much whilst having fun at the same time. Full of banter and can really have a laugh with you. It really helped with the nerves of driving and he always helped to keep me comfortable and relaxed. Was fortunate enough to find him first and pass my test first try! Highly recommend him!

Josh A | 30 August, 2020

Not only did Rob help me pass my practical test first time but he made me feel so at easy during all of my lessons. He is now teaching my sister who speaks so highly of him – I would recommend to all. Overall fantastic instructor and great guy.

Gemma Clarke | 30 August, 2020

Rob is awesome, polite and really professional

Really puts you at ease and talks you through everything

He builds up your confidence and supports you every step of the way

Best decision I made was to have him as my instructor

Amiee | 30 August, 2020

I came to Rob in desperate need of a new instructor after being let down by another instructor and I had 5 lessons with rob before my test and passed first time! He’s brilliant!

Lucy | 30 August, 2020

Got me to test ready whilst teaching me vital important lessons about driving once I had passed! Fantastic instructor and patient! Highly recommended to anyone committed to learning and become a new driver on the road! 10/10

Jaime Seaton | 30 August, 2020

Rob was my forth driving instructor and by far the best! Prior to Rob I had completed a one week intensive driving course and failed my test because I was so so nervous and my instructor I had didn’t really seem to understand which made me more uncomfortable. I then found Rob and he helped me to pass within 2 weeks. Rob is incredible and I wish he was my first instructor so I didn’t go through so many and learn different techniques because they all do vary, but yeah Rob was definitely the best at calming nerves and having a bit of a laugh whilst learning

Dion Holden | 30 August, 2020

Rob taught my daughter, her boyfriend and their various friends all with different levels of confidence and they all passed with flying colours and I’ve never felt a lack of confidence in any of their driving skills when getting in a car with them. As a parent I couldn’t have chosen a better instructor and would highly recommend him.

Melanie Pearce | 30 August, 2020

Rob took me under his wing, as I needed more time behind the wheel. Being a nervous driver, confidence lacking. He was patient with me, but also was determined to make me be the best I could be. Great instructor, wouldn’t have passed without him. Thank you Rob!

Lisa Wretham | 30 August, 2020

Robs an absolute geeza, Started with him from the bottom. Isn’t awkward like most instructors makes convos an can have a laugh. Highly recommended.

Reece | 30 August, 2020

When I started with Rob I was absolutely terrified. But after a few lessons he got my confidence up and my self-esteem higher than it had been in a long time. We’ve had a lot of banter and I cannot speak highly enough of him and anyone who is taught by him is a lucky student

Charles | 30 August, 2020

Highly recommend Rob, very patient with me as I was a very nervous student but he believed in me and I’m glad I stuck with him

Caroline | 30 August, 2020

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