Coronavirus: Petrol pump scare

NHS staff have reportedly reported a surge in cases of the coronavirus, being transmitted through petrol pumps. I have heard this report from several sources today, so makes perfect sense to put a warning out there for others to read.

This was reported in a local newspaper

Health officials have urged everyone to follow good hand hygiene techniques amid claims that petrol pumps are being blamed for transmission of coronavirus.

A message, reportedly from the health service, has been circulating a warning that the virus “seems to be spreading quickly via petrol pumps” so people have been asked “to wear gloves or use a paper towel when filling up” their vehicles.

They should then dispose of the gloves or paper towels immediately.

Good hand hygiene

As more information is becoming available about the coronavirus we are all being urged to practice good hygiene and wash our hands, or use sanitiser as often as we possibly can.  This seems to be something important that we can all do to help cut the spread of this nasty virus.  Please take the governments to advise and lets do all we can to help one another and prevent contamination.

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