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Automatic Driving School Basingstoke
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Paul Loader
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Basingstoke Only
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Weekdays 9am to 4pm
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Paul Loader's Automatic Driving School in Basingstoke offers automatic driving lessons, tuition and classes in the Basingstoke area. Paul is a fully qualified, experienced and friendly DVSA Grade 'A' Approved Driving Instructor.

Paul teaches in an automatic Ford Fiesta Active that is easy and comfortable to drive. The car is air-conditioned, has power steering, airbags, reversing sensors and additional mirrors for safety and reversing.

Paul has a highly successful pass rate and many happy reviews from previous students.

  • Paul Loader’s Automatic Driving School
  • Paul Loader’s Automatic Driving School
  • Paul Loader’s Automatic Driving School
  • Paul Loader’s Automatic Driving School
  • Paul Loader’s Automatic Driving School


Paul was the best driving instructor I've ever had! He was so patient and made a conscious effort to work out the best way to teach me so that I would find learning to drive easier and less stressful.

Hannah Booth | 20 October, 2020

I took my driving lessons with Paul and passed 1st time. It was a while ago but I did a semi-intensive course as was in a hurry. Once I passed I took some motorway lessons straight away as I needed to drive for work. I would recommend Paul as his teaching was perfect for me.

Dan B | 1 September, 2020

Paul was a very good instructor, he even allowed my child to sit in on our lessons when my husband was working. He worked very hard and I passed my test – worth every penny.

Jackie N | 1 September, 2020

I have now been driving about a year and love it. When I started learning to drive I was terrified. I hated hill starts and the emergency stop. But in an automatic car these things were easy and Paul was really patient with me, he even put up with a few tears from me when my nerves got the better of me. Thanks Paul.

Amanda | 1 September, 2020

10 out of 10 would recommend. Such a great teacher and so funny. Student App and website are really easy to understand:)

Adrianne | 1 September, 2020

I enjoyed my driving lessons so much. I love learning in an automatic car and can’t wait for the lockdown to end so I can start driving again. I was doing so well learning with Paul.

Lucy | 1 September, 2020

Great sense of humor, easy to get along with. Had many instructors in the area, all of which were unreliable. Paul is a great choice for anyone looking to learn in an automatic.

Daniel | 1 September, 2020

Won’t recommend enough. Paul is funny, patient and culturally diverse. I had a great experience though had no previous experience

Shelly | 1 September, 2020

I passed first time with zero faults, thanks to Paul

Patrick | 1 September, 2020

Paul taught my daughter from the start she had no experience behind a wheel he is very patient and my daughter was confident in him teaching her she passed last week l would recommend him

Sandra | 1 September, 2020

Brilliant instructor. Easy to get on with. Easy to understand the car he uses. Prices are good too.

Aimee Pearson | 1 September, 2020

Paul is an incredible teacher: patient, dedicated, and always willing to explain things again or in a different way. I would highly recommend him.

Jane Plenderleith | 1 September, 2020

If he can get me passed 1st time then he is definitely 5 stars

Matthew Tuffnel | 1 September, 2020

Paul is a very nice instructor. His way of speaking was really clear and easy to understand, as a non-native student it could be a problem for me. He is patient and always be willing to help students to be the best. His objective is not passing the exam only, but to eliminate any potential dangers in order to make sure students are 100% safe. He also keeps reviewing himself and try to find the best/new method for each of his student

Merve | 1 September, 2020

Paul is a patient and thorough driving instructor. I am a fairly anxious driver, but with Paul’s sense of humour and encouragement I passed my driving test 1st time today

Charlie Newson | 1 September, 2020

Paul is a good guy and is a very calming instructor. I had concerns about my ability to drive due to medical issues but Paul was able to help me get past the concerns and even gave advice on possible positives and negatives about driving features in cars.

Bill | 1 September, 2020

Paul is a brilliant instructor and I would highly recommend to anyone looking to learn. I struggled with everything to begin with but Paul was patient and helped me with everything I needed help with and because of that I have passed my test first time.

Taylor Hutchings | 1 September, 2020

Great instructor! I highly recommend.

Leigh Stevens | 1 September, 2020

Thank you to Paul! Great instructor very friendly! Passed my first time, definitely would recommend Paul to everyone!

Rebekah Pointer | 1 September, 2020

Paul is the best instructor I could have asked for. He is a patient and considerate instructor who helps make you feel confident at the wheel. I’ll definitely recommend him to anyone looking for automatic driving lessons.

Aston Chivers | 1 September, 2020

Paul is a great instructor. He talks to you about what YOU want and what you NEED! Paul has a great ability to analyse strengths and weaknesses and during our lessons we really worked on both until I was ready to pass my test, and I did! Thank you Paul for all your hard work.

K Archie | 1 September, 2020

Fab driving instructor! I was so nervous when I started but Paul makes you feel at ease and I am always looking forward to my next lesson. Would recommend to anyone!

Lindsay Drapper | 1 September, 2020

What a great driving instructor. Paul is friendly and knowledgeable and quickly puts you at ease. I had a break from learning of about 10 years and Paul quickly got me confident back behind the wheel, resulting in me passing my test on the first attempt. Highly recommended.

Sean Murphy | 1 September, 2020

Great lessons with Paul. Very informative and learned a lot within an hour lesson. Would recommend.

Wendy | 1 September, 2020

Paul’s a great instructor and a nice guy all round. Was a pleasure taking lessons with him and passing my test.

Tom | 1 September, 2020

Paul really earnt his money teaching me how to drive, but we got there in the end and I could not have done it without him, looking back at my first lesson I cannot believe how I got up to the level to pass but I did and he was a great teacher

Harry | 30 August, 2020

I was hesitant about starting my lessons with such a short amount of time between starting to learn again and passing my test I had about a month before my theory expired. I was nervous and paul put me at ease and I couldn’t have done it without him. Genuine nice guy and took the time and effort to work on what knowledge I did already have. I passed my test today the first time. Woop Thank you, Paul.

Andrea | 30 August, 2020

Very good instructor. Thorough and very detailed. Doesn’t just teach you to pass your test but to be safe on the road.

Kara | 30 August, 2020

Very good instructor. Thorough and very detailed. Doesn’t just teach you to pass your test but to be safe on the road.

Mimi | 30 August, 2020

Paul was a fabulous driving instructor and put me at ease straight away. He helped boost my confidence and got me to pass my driving test first time. I really would recommend him to anyone who is a first time driver or has struggled to pass with other instructors.

Laura | 30 August, 2020

Although I passed my theory and practical 1st time I can’t take all the credit. As they say your only as good as your teacher so credit goes to Paul for getting me through a nightmare test day. He’s a calm knowledgeable teacher and came recommended to me via family and friends and I would recommend time and time again. So if your looking for a driving instructor, look no further you’ve found the best Basingstoke thanks paul.

Ricky | 30 August, 2020

Paul took me on as a nervous wreck after failing to progress with a different driving instructor, he has the patience of a saint and I couldn’t have passed without him. I can’t recommend him highly enough, he does a fantastic job at building reassurance and confidence without the need to pressure or belittle. Thanks for everything Paul, you’ve been a star

Sonny's Mum | 30 August, 2020

I passed my test on 29 Sep 2017. This has been only possible due to the time, effort and patience from Paul. It took long for me to pass as I am not the most natural drivers. But Paul persisted with me and I managed to pass my test. It would not have been possible if Paul was not calm during his lessons and answered even the most stupid questions I had. I would definitely recommend Paul to anyone looking for Automatic Driving Lessons.

Dhaval | 30 August, 2020

I would never have been able to have passed the test first time, without Paul’s calm and patient attitude in teaching me to drive. A true perfectionist who cares about and encourages his pupils to get the best out of themselves in their driving. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Tony Kimber | 30 August, 2020

Paul was great and helped me pass my driving test on the first go. I had been driving for about 10 years before coming to the UK and he helped take the skills I had a sharpen them so I could safely drive here. He spent as much time on any skill I needed and I went into my test confident I would pass. Highly recommend!

Brandi | 30 August, 2020

I have had two driving instructors before I met Paul Loader. Paul changed my bad view of the instructor. He was patient, encouraging and professional while teaching me. He is more like a family instructor has he taught my Husband, family friend and now me.

I will recommend him because you sure will achieve your aim of learning to drive in a safe way.Show

Abi Alli | 30 August, 2020

Very good

Deborah Stagg | 30 August, 2020

I was learning to drive for a year as felt very insecure and kept moving test even thou Paul said not to but o took my test today and passed with 3 minors sooooo happy and couldn’t have done without Paul he was patient, kind and informative I would recommend him to anyone ????????

Nikki Hazel | 30 August, 2020

Really helpful, helped me pass my test first time!

Emilt Bennett | 30 August, 2020

Paul is an excellent driving instructor i have had a couple but he is down to earth kinda guy hard to come by these days and really focus on the things your getting wrong I passed 1st time with Paul he has also become a good friend I really enjoyed his lessons and he made me feel very comfortable and confident 5*

Laura Peters | 30 August, 2020

Paul is a great instructor. His calm approach to teaching has helped me improve my driving significantly. Thank you Paul

David Ebenezerr | 30 August, 2020

Paul is a great instructor. Always does his best to keep you at ease, especially if like me your very nervous ?? update 15/04/18 driving is going great thank you, Paul, not been pulled over for speeding or anything, like you thought I would lol ??

karema whitworth | 30 August, 2020

I passed using Paul driving school he was an excellent teacher and I doubt I would of passed without his guidance. I feel ready to be on the road.

Cara Butcher | 30 August, 2020

Great driving instructor, would recommend to anyone, always felt at ease when learning! Overall great experience to learn with and pass with!

Cameron O'Connor | 30 August, 2020

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