A learning to drive companion.

Stephen Sillitoe

Motion – a learn to drive companion with a difference.

Written by Stephen Sillitoe

This beautifully illustrated guide for learner drivers, written by Stephen Sillitoe is simple to read and is great for learner drivers.

Using a fresh approach to create an easy on the eyes companion to learning to drive. Beautifully illustrated and accompanied by short text and diagrams for each subject and with a clean, fresh, magazine style layout. This first edition covers most of the UK Practical test curriculum, with further updates to follow in the future.

You can download your copy on Apple Books.

Beautiful & in-depth.

No more technical and stuffy looking guides. Instead every spread consists of beautiful, in-depth illustrations and short text, presented in a clean and fresh layout.

Simple to read.

The practical side of learning to drive is fun, the theory side is, well let’s say ‘not so much fun’. The text accompanying each illustration is short and concise.


The core learning is split between the illustration and the text. Study the illustrations carefully and test your perception. Question what you see.

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