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Martin was a great instructor, I have nothing bad to say about his teaching techniques as he was very easy to get along with. He made me pass my test 1st try with 0 minors. Martin genuinely cares about his customers as well and I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor. 10/10

Ethan Lomax | 16 June, 2024

I highly recommend Martin as a driving instructor - he is patient and methodical in his approach to teaching, and is considerate of his pupils needs. I was a very nervous learner driver but through his thoughtful teaching style, was able to pass first time.
Couldn't recommend more!

Cordelia | 29 May, 2024

Martins is a top quality instructor and I can’t express enough how much I would recommend him to anyone after lessons. He’s patient with students, clear with his instructions and explanations and very professional. He communicates well, listens when you’re trying to work something out or have a question, and is always showing support and motivation to get you the best possible outcome from each lesson. I’m glad I reached out to Martin and very grateful for his time and the confidence he gave me each time I sat in the car. I passed my test at my first attempt with him as my instructor, so I can’t thank him enough. Will continue to recommend to anyone and everyone I meet in the area looking for lessons!

Tom Baker | 14 May, 2024

Martin is an excellent driving instructor.

He was always incredibly patient during our lessons and helped me smoothly progress and overcome any issues in my driving. I’m confident that he’s prepared me above and beyond what a driving test requires, ensuring that I’m safe and comfortable on any roads. I highly recommend Martin to anyone looking for the perfect instructor.

Thank you for everything Martin!

Jack Townsend | 13 May, 2024

Martin is an excellent driving instructor, he delivers lessons with such professionalism and patience - which makes all the difference when learning such a crucial life skill. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone who wants to be a confident and safe driver after they pass. Thank you very much Martin!

Jack J | 6 March, 2024

Martin is a great driving instructor and I would definitely recommend him. He was very calm and patient during our lessons and helped me loads which allowed me to pass first try. Overall really nice guy and I’m very thankful for his support throughout.

Cian | 2 November, 2023

Martin is an excellent driving instructor. So pleased I chose him. As an older driver learning to drive for the 1st time at the age of 69, Martin helped me with my nerves and boosted my confidence so that I really enjoy driving. He has a very calm and patient manner giving praise when I drove well and helping me correct things that I got wrong. I took my 1st test last week and passed and I am now looking forward to enjoying my new found independence. I will recommend him to others who ask me. Thank you very much Martin.

Heather Wilshaw | 29 October, 2023

The overall demeanour of Martin was always very positive and calm. In all kinds of situations he would remain calm and provide advice to help bolster my skillset. The techniques I learnt from Martin were always laid out in a very concise format and were never too overcomplicated which helped to ease the pressure of driving. As an instructor it's important to teach but it's as important to remain a good person who is easy to talk to. Martin is exactly that, which helps to provide comfort whilst driving and relaxes nerves which can be at a high whilst on the roads.

Daniel Suarez-Reis | 7 September, 2023

I couldn’t recommend Martin more, he is an amazing instructor and very clear when it comes to teaching you and giving instructions and couldn’t be more calm on the roads, he is also a very enthusiastic and welcoming and doesn’t mind to have a laugh in the right situations. I managed to pass on my second attempt with Martin and he couldn’t have help more.

Just an overall great instructor and 101% recommend.

Freddie cullen | 16 May, 2023

Amazing instructor very good, and patient, took in to account my dyslexia and is the reason I passed first attempt and would highly recommend Martin to anyone learning to drive.

Libbie perry-watt | 29 April, 2023

Martin is so wonderful, he’s so patient and calming in all situations making sure you’re safe on the roads at all times but comfortable with everything you do. I passed first time with 0 faults with Martin. I really couldn’t recommend him enough he’s so great!!

Amber pope | 1 March, 2023

Martin is a great driving instructor, he was very patient and precise when it came to teaching. its easy to tell the he takes his job very seriously and wants all of his students to pass first time. I passed first time and can safely say that I wouldn't have without Martins lessons

harry westbrook | 3 February, 2023

Martin is a patient and friendly driving instructor, he gave my son the confidence needed to drive. The teaching was methodical and my son could clearly see his progression and Martin would tell him what he needed to improve. My son felt very relaxed driving with Martin and enjoyed his lessons. Martin is professional in every way and it’s clear to see he’s invested in teaching his students to drive safely. I am really pleased we chose Martin, my son had such a positive experience learning to drive with him.

Mandy Atkinson | 31 December, 2022

Martin is an amazing driving instructor! He is very patient and thorough with his methods of teaching and never made me feel uncomfortable when making mistakes. When I first started driving I was nervous but with martins help I became very confident. I ended up passing my test first time with 2 minors. Thank you for all your help Martin!

Angie | 5 November, 2022

He is the best

Mark | 21 October, 2022

I couldn’t recommend Martin enough, I passed first time with only two minor faults! Martin helped me so much from filling my knowledge gaps tohelping me feel more confident with my decision making. Would highly recommend!

Gulli Way | 27 September, 2022

He was very calm and very patient all the way through my lessons. He is very clear and he is understanding. He is a very good driving instructor would highly recommend.

Dan | 25 August, 2022

I'd give Martin a 20/10 if it was possible.

Martin is the perfect instructor for all types of learners, he's very calming, never shouts and very very patient. He's also very accommodating and will do his best to fit around your schedule where he can.

I went from a nervous wreck to calm, collected and a love for driving. That was something I'd never thought possible and I owe it to Martin's teaching style.

Martin Matthews is in my opinion, the best driving instructor in Basingstoke and I highly recommend him to anyone.

Stephen Bridgeman | 2 August, 2022

When I started lessons with Martin, I had already had about 20 hours of lessons with another instructor in my old town. I could mostly drive but I was a white-knuckled, nervous mess. Driving terrified me. Martin didn’t just teach me to drive, he really took the time to talk to me, understand my anxieties and work with me to build confidence in driving. His patient and calm manner was exactly what I needed. I passed my test first time, and now I’m actually excited to be getting my first car and driving by myself, something I never would’ve thought possible 6 months ago! Could not recommend Martin enough!

Hannah | 31 July, 2022

Martin is a great driving instructor. He is calm and patient and will ensure that you understand a concept fully before moving on. I was very nervous at times and he was very good at helping me to reframe negative thoughts. Unlike other instructors he teaches you how to drive safely for life, not just how to pass the test. He is very professional and mock tests were conducted as if they were the real thing. I passed my practical on Monday with 0 minors and I think this says it all! I would happily recommend Martin to anyone looking to learn to drive in Basingstoke.

Gemma | 20 July, 2022

Martin is a patient and accommodating instructor that I would recommend to anyone looking to start driving. He will take the lessons at a pace that you are comfortable with and will never rush you, and is open to discuss anything you may be unsure about. He is an excellent teacher and if he needs to reschedule, he will give ample to for that, and will also be fine if you need to reschedule. A flexible and solid instructor, can't recommend enough.

Matthew Blomquist | 17 May, 2022

Martin is a brilliant driving instructor and his teacher technique is fantastic. Very patience instructor and accommodating when arranging lessons. His knowledge is second to none and made the learning to drive experience an enjoyable one. And because of these reasons, I would highly recommend Martin to anyone, young or old, who is starting out on their learning to drive journey.

Amelia Turner | 12 May, 2022

Martin is an incredible instructor who helped massively along my journey to pass. He helped boost my confidence right from the very start, believing in me when I didn’t believe in myself. Martin is so patient and always asked what I felt I needed more work on. I will be recommending Martin to all my friends so they can receive a professional environment to drive in and learn from the best.

Elliot | 11 May, 2022

I enjoyed learning to drive with Martin he was always punctual. Martin is very patient and a calming influence. I passed 1st time and would strongly recommend

Kyle | 11 May, 2022

Martin was very relaxed, professional and patient while preparing me for the driving test, which I Passed first time, making the whole experience really enjoyable and exciting. The lessons were 100% worth the money and easy to reschedule if needed. I felt confident and ready before starting my test and I will 100% recommend Martin to friends and family looking for a driving instructor.

James | 4 May, 2022

Very calm, very patient stuck with me from beginning to end, great instructor, thank you very much

Luca | 13 February, 2022

Martin is a top-notch driving instructor! I really struggled with my nerves and driving confidence, but with Martin's guidance, I was able to pass my test first time. He adjusted the speed at which we progressed through the syllabus to suit me, and he took the time to answer my 5000 questions about everything. Also, his reaction speed is great, so you won't have to worry about accidently driving onto a curb!

Martin is patient, friendly and always on time for lessons – I highly recommend him! Once I've practised driving on my own for a little while, I'll be going back to Martin to do the Pass Plus course. 🙂

Jess | 6 November, 2021

I highly recommend Martin to anyone who is starting their journey to drive. He is incredibly patient and takes the time to find the perfect way to help you learn. From the start of my experience he made me feel safe and confident behind the wheel. I couldn’t have done this without his constant support throughout. For someone who put off driving for many years he managed to help me pass first time. Again could not recommend him enough for everything.

Danielle Bazely | 6 October, 2021

I thoroughly enjoyed learning to drive with Martin, he was a very informative, extremely helpful, calm and patient instructor. My lessons were relaxed and I learnt so much from him. Martin charts your progress and together you build a very detailed lesson plan. Martin would always arrive on time and at various locations which helped when I was at college. I would highly recommend Martin as your driving instructor. Thank you Martin for getting me through my driving test and helping me to become a confident driver!

Hannah Cotterill | 4 October, 2021

Where do I start. Martin has taught all three of my children. They all passed. That doesn't really say enough of how brilliant he has been with all three. they are all very different. Laura I think was the most terrified pupil I think he ever had. His patience with her, his encouragement and his calm approach was just the best. Needless to say she is a brilliant driver, now so confident and very able. My son James on the other hand was completely the opposite. Incredibly confident from the get go, but once again Martin adjusted his approach to slow him down, keep him safe and ensuring he drove safely. He is a very good driver. Lastly my son Dan. Dan like Laura was very apprehensive and with dyspraxia to hinder his progress Martin has stuck with him. Covid has delayed his test so many times but yesterday he passed. I can't say how delighted we are. Martin was incredibly patient coping with Dan's good days and his bad days. He got him through, he guided him and was so tenacious in how he dealt with all of Dan's difficulties. I can't recommend Martin enough. What ever kind of driver you are, he will get you through. Professional, Calm, patient and communicative, supportive... everything you need in a driving instructor.

Alex Nicholls | 4 August, 2021

I highly recommend taking up lessons with Martin. From the start right up until the end I was made to feel so comfortable and at ease when taking my lessons. Martin is very relaxed and always explains everything in a clear way before proceeding onto the next topic of the lesson. Always making sure i was happy to move on to something different but also reassuring me it was okay to also go over things I was unsure on.I appreciated Martins patience so much as I was a pile of nerves from start to end but he got me through it, I honestly would recommend Martin to everyone I know. Thank you again Martin!

Shannon | 1 June, 2021

Martin was a brilliant instructor, he was the only person I had lessons with and I passed the first time with only 1 minor fault. He was very patient and explained everything in a way that was thorough and clear. He made me feel comfortable and was always calm despite my nerves! Thank you so much Martin for all of your help.

I'd recommend Martin to anyone looking to start driving lessons!

Kate | 29 April, 2021

Martin was a great instructor. He was very understanding and Patient all round nice bloke. Also, I passed first time! Highly recommend!

Harry | 18 November, 2020

My experience learning how to drive with Martin was great. .He taught me how to drive so well alongside building my confidence in preparation for me to drive by myself. I had a rocky start with my first instructor and as soon I was learning with Martin I began to learn fast and it felt easier. I’m so thankful for his patience and going through everything over and over again with me in preparation for my test. I have now been driving by myself for a month after passing my test the first time round and still use the same techniques that he taught me from day one. I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to learn to drive but also has some nerves about going wrong.

Aurelia | 8 November, 2020

Martin was my driving instructor since before lockdown. Every lesson I had with him helped me improve my driving skills, tailoring them to my weaknesses to help me get the most out of my sessions. He is extremely calm and patience which made me feel very comfortable. I would strongly recommend Martin to anyone who is looking to learn to drive. Thank you Martin for not only helping me pass my driving test, but giving me the skills to be a confident, independent driver.

Georgia Vallis | 13 October, 2020

Martin has been my instructor since lockdown restrictions were eased earlier this year. Today I passed my driving test with flying colours, and as I understand it this is usually the case when you've learned with Martin as he has an excellent pass rate. Martin was always available to answer any questions about driving I had, and I couldn't have asked for a more dedicated or professional instructor. I would highly recommend Martin as an instructor.

Tom Lovelock | 8 October, 2020

Martin is a fantastic driving instructor. From the very beginning, Martin was very clear and understanding of what I wanted to achieve. I wanted to pass my test within the space 4-5 months and with Martin’s help I achieved this, even doubting myself, Martin kept faith in me. Every lesson he covered a great deal with me and with the help of his training plan we went into depth on several subjects. He let build my own confidence and made sure I was fully safe and able to go for my test. I passed first time with 3 minors and this was all thanks to Martin. Truly one of the best, thank you, Martin

Ross Jackson | 29 August, 2020

I thought that Martin was a brilliant driving instructor. I was a quite nervous driver but Martin’s calm, patient and professional instruction helped me overcome my fears and pass my test. The progression of the lessons was very well paced and Martin was great at honing in on what I struggled with and helping me improve in these areas.

Jack | 29 August, 2020

Martin is an excellent driving instructor. Throughout my driving lessons Martin remained professional and very motivational. Since passing my test, I have recommended Martin to many people and I will continue to do so.

Emily | 29 August, 2020

The professionalism Martin exudes in his lessons provides a calm and relaxed environment perfect for any learner, but ideal for anxious or easily frustrated drivers. His patience meant that you never felt like a failure when getting things wrong and his clear communication made learning and adjusting to new driving environments and scenarios a comfortable process. Martin never pushes you to be in situations you’re not happy with but always encourages you to try your hardest and not give up. I continue to use his anecdotes and tips long past the passing of my test and I would fully recommend him to everyone and anyone! Thank you for all your help Martin!

Jess Gillman | 29 August, 2020

Martin was such a great driving instructor. He made sure I was always comfortable when moving onto new topics with my driving. He was very patient if I needed to go over things again and he made sure that I fully understood everything I needed to know for my driving test.

I passed my driving test first time thanks to Martin and he helped me become confident in driving by myself because of how well he taught me. Thank you Martin!

Lauren De Souza | 29 August, 2020

Martin was my driving instructor from the very beginning of my driving journey, through to the day I passed and I couldn’t recommend him enough. From the very beginning, he listened to how I wanted to go about my lessons and frequency and gave me realistic options and was honest throughout the stage we were at. Very patient, communicative and felt all round supported through learning something as important as driving. Passed first time, and have continued to carry tips Martin gave me through to real-life driving. Thank you very much, Martin!

Isabelle Murray | 29 August, 2020

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