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I can’t recommend Hugh enough! Brilliant instructor and a great guy, very patient and explains things very clearly, his methods will have you nailing manoeuvres first time every time, and get you driving with confidence in no time at all! Passed my test first time with only 3 minors, couldn’t have done it without him! His feedback is always constructive and it gives you a good idea of what you’re doing right and what you need to work on - if I could give him more than 5 stars I would!

Rob | 29 June, 2024

Hugh was a great instructor, always patient, got me through my test first time. Couldn’t recommend enough!

Jessica | 20 April, 2024

High was brilliant at getting me ready for my test and did so within 9 lessons. My test was an early one so Hugh moulded the last lessons leading up to the test to prepare me for the rush hour traffic I would be dealing with during my test. Hugh was patient and explained everything clearly making instructions easy to understand. He structured my lessons in a way that suited me and always made sure that there was time and availability for me to have lessons.
I couldn’t recommend him enough.

Milo | 10 April, 2024

High was brilliant at getting me ready for my test and did so within 9 lessons. My test was an early one so Hugh moulded the last lessons leading up to the test to prepare me for the rush hour traffic I would be dealing with during my test. Hugh was patient and explained everything clearly making instructions easy to understand. He structured my lessons in a way that suited me and always made sure that there was time and availability for me to have lessons.
I couldn’t recommend him enough.

Milo | 10 April, 2024

Very calm and collected tutor. No matter the driving, Hugh is always there to ensure your driving is safe and even if you do have a hiccup in your driving, Hugh prefers to keep himself and yourself as calm as possible. In addition, he always makes driving fun rather than a scary experience, as most new drivers will be during there first few hours on the road. Never be scared to drive with Hugh, as he is always down to earth and can always get you out of your fears on the road.
Hugh is most definitely the best driving instructor you can ask for, and thanks to his tutoring, I passed my driving test with zero faults. That means if he can teach me to do that, he can most certainly teach you to do that aswell.
Thanks again for your help Hugh, and to those who want to learn how to drive, don't forget, Hugh Milton is your man.

Joshua Lawes | 27 March, 2024

I passed on my first test after learning to drive with Hugh. He is patient, detailed, flexible and provides a calm and supportive environment when learning to drive, and is an all round fantastic instructor! Going into my test I felt very well prepared. I’d highly recommend to any new learners!

Linford Johnson | 12 March, 2024

I want to say a huge thank you to Hugh. I was nervous over the thought of driving after having a bad experience with an instructor when I was 17. So much that it put me off for 15 years. Hugh always makes you feel relaxed and comfortable. He helped me build my confidence whilst having a laugh at the same time, I looked forward to our lessons every week! Best driving instructor out there!

Ash fulford | 5 March, 2024

Hugh is a brilliant instructor and he helped me pass 1st time with only 1 driving fault. Couldn’t recommend him enough. Hugh was patient, helpful and determined to make me a safer and better driver and always made time for me which is highly appreciated and he helped me calm my nerves an hour before my 8am test to then go on to smash it with 1 minor. Hugh was incredible at preparing me for a test as it took me 1 month between my theory and my practical test date. There was no rushing involved, only hughs consistency which helped me pass within 1 month

Aaran | 5 February, 2024

Hugh is an amazing instructor. He is incredibly patient, supportive, and friendly, and he is always very flexible which is invaluable for students. He helped me pass my test first time, and I would recommend him to anyone!

Zach S | 11 January, 2024

Hugh is a brilliant instructor and helped me pass 1st time with only 1 driving fault. Couldn’t recommend him enough for anyone looking for an instructor

Daniel | 16 December, 2023

I had a great experience learning to drive with Hugh. I found him patient, encouraging and supportive and he really helped build my confidence in driving. I would definitely recommend him to anybody looking for an instructor. Thanks for getting me through first time Hugh you have been great!!

Mason West | 29 November, 2023

Hugh is an amazing driving instructor, he has helped me pass my test first time! He was incredible at helping me to properly understand what to do in difficult situations, along with being very friendly to make you feel comfortable. I really would recommend Hugh to anyone as he is an all round 10/10 Driving Instructor.

Sujit | 22 November, 2023

From start to finish I've found Hugh's approach to learning to drive amazing and really well structured. He recognised where I was consistently making small errors and helped me to remember useful routines and habits which improved my confidence. The progress sheet he sends after every lesson is honest and shows the level at which you can perform each task of driving, which I found very helpful. Overall I couldn't have asked for a better instructor to help me pass my test first time round! Thank you Hugh!

Edward Turner | 3 November, 2023

I've spent countless hours of training and failed a number of times on my previous driving schools.
Pandemic came and I have to stop my driving lessons for years.
These were the years that my confidence in driving started to lose.

Then I met "Driving with Hugh". His approach was different. His assessment was spot on.
Hugh was a good instructor (I mean really good!!). I found Hugh’s teachings were very effective and yet calm at the same time.
I highly recommend Hugh because I only have few lessons with him and yet we nailed it 1st time with only 3 minor mistakes! – how’s that?
Rumours in the test centre that he was the best instructor……… I’m pretty sure he is. Thank you Hugh for your support. 🙂

Alfredo D. | 17 October, 2023

Hugh helped me pass my test in a welcoming caring manor. I would recommend him to friends and family. I used about 4 or 5 instructors prior to Hugh and I can easily say he was my favourite. If you need an instructor, go for Hugh!

c j lee | 2 October, 2023

Hugh is absolutely amazing! He helped me pass my test first time with NO minors(clean sheet) he is great with peiple with anxiety and people who panic in stressful situations! i couldn’t recommend a better driving instructor He’s absolutely amazing!

Chloe Hudson | 6 May, 2023

Hugh is an amazing instructor would recommend anyone to him top man helped me pass first time and so thankful anyone would be lucky to be a student of his his so easy to talk to aswell

Owen Eccott | 14 April, 2023

Hugh is a Brilliant driving instructor. He brings a very calm and patient attitude to every lesson. Lessons are completely tailored to you and how you learn l. Having had 2 previous instructors and a pandemic Hugh was the one to finally get me to the finish line and pass first time. Would definitely recommend Hugh as an instructor to anyone at any level of driving.

Letitia Ibrahim | 28 March, 2023

Hugh is a brilliant driving instructor, very patient and calm and explains things very well and easy to understand. Couldn’t of passed first time without all his help!

Sophie P | 14 December, 2022

Best instructor I could have asked for. Very patient & always punctual. I have enjoyed every lesson. Passing with Hugh was just a bonus. Thanks for everything!.

Louis | 28 October, 2022

Hugh is a amazing instructor in teaching everything you’d need to pass in the test and teaching you skills you’ll use for the rest of life I couldn’t recommend anyone better he taught me how to get zero faults on the big day.

Oli lockyer | 24 October, 2022

Honestly, the calmest, most informative intructor around. I failed my first test with a different instructor, but changed to Hugh, and passed my next test with only 1 minor. He sends regular checklists which highlights your strengths and weaknesses and teaches you very memorable techniques all designed to ensure you pass your test. Couldn't recommend him more!

Danny Smith | 14 October, 2022

Hugh is a very good driving instructor, when he's explaining everything in such a way which makes things from being complicated to being rather easy cannot recommend enough!!

Jordan | 13 September, 2022

excellent instructor, would highly recommend, helped me out as i needed someone last minute and is very patient and helped me bold my confidence up very well.

Luke Wareham | 4 July, 2022

Hugh is an amazing driving instructor, he’s very patient and explains everything in a way which makes you confident in your skills. His organisation of progress sheets allows you to see real time improvement and are very useful through the learning process.
Passed first time and cannot recommend enough!!

Emily | 15 March, 2022

Hugh is a great driving instructor very calm, patient and informative makes you feel at ease while learning I highly recommend hugh if you want to learn how to drive and will be recommending him to family and friends great teacher ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Christopher Jones | 8 November, 2021

Excellent driving instructor!
He is so calm and relaxed as well as being super informative so learning to drive is stress free and enjoyable.
As well as this the feedback sheets at the end of each lesson are sent via email so you can see what needs to be improved upon which i found to be super helpful.
I have no complaints. I have already been recommending to family and friends!
Thankyou Hugh!

Will | 28 September, 2021

Hugh is a very professional driving instructor, always patient and allows you to progress at your own pace. Lessons are always planned beforehand, which allows you to reflect before and after the lesson. I highly recommend him as a driver instructor.

Natnaiel | 16 September, 2021

Amazing instructor, he’s super nice and excellent at teaching. I couldn’t recommend him enough 🙂

Izzy Kite | 14 September, 2021

Hugh is an excellent driving instructor! He is very patient and helps build your confidence from the very first lesson. After every lesson Hugh send through a detailed sheet of what was done, what will be carried out for the next lesson and your scoring for each section of driving. These were very helpful for planning out your next lesson and checking on your progress to ensure you are test ready.I experience. I highly recommended Hugh to be your driving instructor, whether you are a beginner or getting back into lessons again, then he is your man.

Sam | 10 September, 2021

Hugh is a great instructor, as well as a kind and very easy person to talk to. He stays calm when driving which gives a very safe environment to be in which in the end helped me pass my practical test first time.I would highly recommend Hugh to anyone who has little to know driving experience.

Jacob Walker | 19 June, 2021

Hugh is an an excellent instructor that will give you confidence in driving. I can’t recommend him enough, especially if you’re completely new to driving. He is always friendly and explains things simply. He also provides useful feedback before and at the end of the lesson so you know what to work on. You will enjoy learning with him!

Jonathan Wilson | 22 May, 2021

Hugh helped me pass after failing with other instructors for over 6 years! I had very low confidence in the test before Hugh spent time coaching me through it and doing practice tests. Since passing I can’t stop driving and I owe that to Hugh’s great attitude, knowledge and abundance of patience for getting me through my test.

I would recommend Hugh to anyone, either a first-time driver or returning at a later stage!

Elliot | 30 August, 2020

I couldn’t recommend Hugh more! Hugh was fantastic at helping me gain my confidence back after being put down by my first instructor! He was patient with me from the start and helped me learn to drive in all weather conditions and at various times of day! He went at my own pace but also pushed me when he needed to, to boost my confidence! He also helped me pass my theory test and was great to chat to whilst learning! I would definitely recommend Hugh to anyone learning to drive. I passed first time with only a few minors and I couldn’t have done it without him!

Ashleigh | 30 August, 2020

I cannot recommend Hugh enough, he is always reassuring, calm and patient, even when I would stop the car for birds in the road! Hugh explains everything in a way that is easy to understand and I cannot thank him enough for helping me to pass first time.

After each lesson Hugh would give me feedback on the progress I had a made and areas I needed to improve on and this really helped me to identify what to focus on and built my confidence where it was needed.

I have recommended Hugh to friends and all have said exactly the same, Hugh is an absolutely brilliant instructor!

Daniella | 30 August, 2020

Very good instructor very patient and friendly made learning to drive fun. I have recommended to all my family and friends. Would highly recommend

Brian wheeler | 30 August, 2020

Firstly, I would like to start by saying how Hugh is an excellent driving instructor! He was very patient with me and helped build my confidence in any areas I was not comfortable with. The forms he used to send after each driving lesson which showed my progress with my lessons and what we would be learning next were very helpful. This also helped as if I hadn’t learnt something but wanted to try it, I could ask if we could do this on the next lesson. I have since recommended Hugh to my friends and neighbours that need lessons and a few of them has also passed with his help and experience. Anytime I see anyone on social media looking for an instructor I always recommend Hugh and also will (even my Mum recommends him!) Highly recommended driving instructor, can help beginners or people wanting to gain more confidence with driving if they haven’t driven for a while!

April West | 30 August, 2020

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