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Help with using the directory

Help and advice for learner drivers and instructors using the Basingstoke Instructors Directory, as well as commonly asked questions.

Help for learner drivers

Can I contact instructors directly?

You can contact all instructors directly either using the phone number displayed in their listing or using the contact form on each listing, your message will then be sent directly to the instructor.

Can I leave a review for an instructor?

Reviews are always encouraged, you can leave a review on the instructor listing at any time.  Please make sure to leave a review that reflects your honest opinion and that is fair and objective.

Instructors love receiving positive reviews.  But, they are not able to remove negative reviews without contacting the directory admin.

Are all instructors fully qualified?

All driving instructors advertising in the directory are approved by the DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency).  A fully qualified driving instructor must display a green badge on the left-hand side of their car’s front windscreen. All fully qualified instructors have undergone extensive training and are regularly checked by the DVSA to ensure they maintain a high standard.

There may also be “PDI’s” or “Potential Driving Instructors”, who must display a pink badge on the left-hand side of the windscreen of their car. A ‘PDI’ is still in training and has not passed their final instructor exams, but they are still able to teach with the DVSA’s approval.

Can I complain about a listing?

You can complain about a listing in the directory by clicking ‘Flag Listing’.  This will report the listing to the directory admin.

The directory does not deal with instructor complaints and only deals with inappropriate or misleading listings. 


Can you recommend an instructor?

We are not able to recommend any individual instructor as instructors are our advertising partners and it would not be appropriate to make any individual recommendations.

Just choose an instructor by looking at their listings are reach out to them directly.  You may need to contact several instructors during busy periods to find someone with availability.


Can you help me find a driving test?

We are not able to help you find a driving test.  If you are looking to book a driving test please visit the official driving test booking site.

If you are struggling to book a test because there is no availability then you could consider using a driving test cancellation checker, such as Driving Test Cancelations Now.

Can I contact someone at the directory?

If you need to contact the admin of the Basingstoke Instructors Directory you can visit the ‘Get in Touch’ of this site to get in touch.

But please note we are not able to assist with finding an instructor for you or make any recommendations.

We cannot deal directly with instructor complaints but are happy to discuss advertising issues with directory listings.


Help for instructors

Can I add my business to the directory?

We would love to have as many driving instructors advertising in the directory as possible.  If you are a fully qualified instructor or a PDI you are more than welcome to advertise with us.  It is simple and straightforward to sign up.  Just go to the ‘Add Instructor‘ section to get started.

Can you help me set up my listing?

If you would like help setting up your listing please feel free to reach out for help.  Many instructors over the years have requested help setting up for the first time.  If you need to make changes to the listing once it is set up you are more than welcome to request additional help and support.

How much does a listing cost?

All instructors are welcome to join the directory and choose a plan that suits them.  Please see the ‘Add Instructor‘ section of the website to view plans and prices.  All listings unless otherwise stated last for a year, with the exception of the ‘PDI Plan’ which lasts for 6 months.

If you wish at any stage to upgrade your listing from a ‘standard’ to a ‘featured’ listing, please get in touch as this is easily arranged. 

Can I edit my listing at any time?

You can edit your listing at any time, for more information on editing your listing please see the ‘Edit Listing‘ section of the website where you will see instructions on how to do this.

Can I collect my own reviews?

You can collect your own reviews on your listing page. A rating will then show on your profile once you have enough reviews to display one.

All reviews can be seen by anyone visiting your profile.

How are listings arranged in the directory?

Listings are arranged according to the type of listings you paid for when signing up.  ‘Featured Listings’ will always be nearer to the top, with ‘Standard Listings’ below.  All listings are in a randomised order and the order will change every time a page is loaded.

Does being in the directory help my online presence?

Being in the directory absolutely does help your online presence on search engines, even though it is not always immediate as search engines crawl websites randomly.

What if a pupil 'Flags' my listing?

If a site visitor clicks ‘Flag Listing’ your listing will temporarily be hidden, but it will not be deleted.  When this happens admin will be notified and will either contact you or re-authorise the listing providing there are no additional issues. 


All driving instructors advertising in the Basingstoke Instructors directory are checked and regulated by the Driver Standards Agency. Instructors are advertising partners are not endorsed or regulated by the directory or its owner.

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