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Trinity Driving School
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Saji Mathew
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Hourly Rate:
£45.00 Discounts with Block booking
Discounts Offered:
10 hour Package £425.00
Opening Hours:
07:00 to 18:30
Additional Services:
Pass Plus, Refresher Lessons, Motorway Lessons
Business Description:

I am able to teach all driving levels, from brand new learners up to full licence holders requiring refresher lessons. Throughout our time together we will be sharing lots of responsibilities whilst working towards your specific goals and needs. At Trinity driving school , I'm pleased to say that your driving lessons can begin and end at pick-up / drop-off points of your choice. Many learners integrate lessons with their job or college and use them as a way to get home or to college or work in the morning. For more details of the areas I cover, please take a look at the teaching areas page on my website.

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"A big shoutout to Saji Mathew for helping me pass my UK driving practical road test on my very first attempt! His clear instructions, patience, and encouragement made all the difference. I couldn't have done it without his expert guidance and support. I would highly recommend him to anyone gearing up for their driving test!"😊👍

Shinu | 19 February, 2024

I would strongly recommend Matthew Saji , he is such a thorough instructor, he goes through all there is to pass your driving test, he is also very punctual to lesson days. He is experienced, this shows in the way he delivers his lessons. With Matthew Saji as your instructor, you are sure to pass your driving test in one go!!

Chimdi Anosike | 29 December, 2023

Saji is an amazing driving instructor, he is really calming and improved my confidence so much! Clear and concise lessons, lots of practise and lots of patience 🙂 10/10 would recommend to everyone!

Hannah | 19 December, 2023

I am so happy to have passed my test this morning. I never thought I'd be able to achieve this but Saji is a wonderful teacher with a lot of patience and understanding. He supported me to get more confidence as a driver and to believe I could do it. I'm very grateful for having such a skilled driving instructor and recommend him very highly.

Rebecca Hind | 18 December, 2023

Saji is truly an amazing driving instructor ! He is always willing to help and great at encouraging. Always on time for lessons and his teaching techniques are very catered to the learners need. I wholeheartedly recommend Trinity driving school and believe it is the best in Basingstoke area. Very happy to have passed my test and all thanks to Saji !

Hoshi | 8 December, 2023

I couldn't have asked for a better driving instructor than Saji. His expertise, professionalism, and patience made my learning experience both enjoyable and stress-free. From clear instructions to constructive feedback, Saji instilled confidence in me and helped me pass my driving test on the first attempt. Without a doubt, I highly recommend Saji to anyone looking for a skilled and reliable driving instructor.

Adarsh Jayasree | 4 November, 2023

Working with Mr. Saji Mathew was a delight, and today, I passed my driving test on the first try! Mr. Saji is an informative, encouraging, and supportive instructor. In addition to teaching you how to pass the driving test, he also teaches you how to drive safely in everyday situations. Many thanks to Mr. Saji, who is really helpful and makes sure the lessons and test work smoothly. Overall, dealing with Trinity Driving School was a pleasure, and I would recommend them for anyone searching for a driving school in Basingstoke.

Jancy John | 2 October, 2023

I would highly recommend Saji as a driving instructor.
He is friendly, punctual and very professional. He has a very practical approach to driving which is refreshing. He breaks down complex manoeuvres into simple routines which was very helpful. Overall I was very happy with my lessons with Saji.

Manjusha Hall | 6 September, 2023

I passed on my first driving test with the help of Trinity Driving School along with Mr. Saji Mathew because of his amazing training and the effort he had put into teach me.

Joy Mattam skaria | 17 August, 2023

Saji is a great instructor! I found him to be very organised, friendly, and his teaching methodology to be very clear and learner friendly. He also maintains a calm demeanour, which is very helpful during tense situations in traffic.
I recently passed my driving exam with 0 faults, and honestly believe that it is mainly thanks to how meticulous Saji was in ensuring that I corrected my mistakes and improved on all the areas I needed to work on during our lessons.
I would highly recommend him!

Cat | 3 August, 2023

It has been a great pleasure to work with Mathew. His knowledge, hints and also approach to the learner makes a huge difference I think. I passed my 1st test without even any minor mistake today and it just happened by his support. Many thanks for your disipline and help Mathew!

Rana Var | 18 July, 2023

I had a great learning experience with Saji. Very professional, patient and detailed. Would definitely recommend him.

Amulya Kolla | 19 June, 2023

I had the absolute pleasure of learning to drive under the guidance of Saji. With his remarkable teaching skills, calm nature, and extensive knowledge of the roads in Basingstoke, he helped me pass the driving test on my first attempt. Throughout our lessons, he remained composed and understanding, even during moments when I made mistakes or felt nervous. Saji consistently tailored his teaching methods to suit my individual needs, ensuring that every lesson was productive and focused on areas where I needed improvement. His extensive knowledge of the roads in Basingstoke was truly impressive. He effortlessly guided me through various routes, ensuring I was well-prepared for the different types of challenges I might face during the driving test. Highly recommend him to anyone!

Maya Nair | 18 May, 2023

It was a pleasure to learn to drive with Saji being my instructor and I have now passed my exam in the first attempt itself, thanks to him for being such a wonderful instructor and for all his guidance. Arranging lessons with him was never a problem, and he is always reachable and swiftly replies to messages. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to learn driving home an automatic car - oh and his car is awesome as well which makes life easier as a learner!!!

Anima | 21 April, 2023

An experienced driver instructor, very nice and you will definitely learn how to drive with him.

İdris ADIBELLI | 16 March, 2023

Had a great time learning from Saji. Would highly recommend to anyone!!

Lakshmi Nandan | 10 March, 2023

Passed my test with the first try. Great instructor, very professional. Thanks for all your help Saji. Comes highly recommended, if you wanna pass without struggle.

Rose | 16 February, 2023

Saji helped me passed my first driving test with only 2 minors. He is extremely reliable, professional and patient. As an anxious learner, his encouragement and learning techniques really boosted my driving confidence. I felt safe, comfortable and supported at all times. I would highly recommend Saji to anyone looking to pass their driving. Thank you once again Saji!

Deepa Ranamagar | 13 February, 2023

Saji is a good driving instructor.Especially if you are nervous about driving he has a lot of patience for you.
He is calm and supportive. I reallly recommend him.

Elif Balci | 26 January, 2023

Amazing driving instructor, his lessons are clear, concise and focused on teaching how to drive safely and confidently. He made sure that I was comfortable and ready for my driving test which helped me pass on the first try.

Austin | 21 December, 2022

very experienced instructor Saji explained so well everything very punctual will recommend 10 on 10 Saji

funen limbu | 18 December, 2022

I highly recommend Saji as a driving instructor. He’s professional and friendly and puts you at ease. The lessons are very clear and well structured. I felt very secure and comfortable having him as my instructor and I was able to progress from being a nervous learner to end up passing my test.

Serin | 5 December, 2022

Saji is very punctual and professional instructor. He explained Uk driving rules and regulations with lot of patience. Highly recommended.

Nikitha | 26 November, 2022

Saji is wonderful instructor. You can trust him if you want to get your license as early as possible. He will explain every single rules in details. Value for money. Highly recommended.

Muralidharan Muthukumar | 26 November, 2022

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