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Steve is an excellent instructor who I'd definitely recommend! I had previously had a couple of previous instructors and was a very nervous driver. However, this quickly changed after starting lessons with Steve. Steve is friendly, calm and very patient and helped me to build my confidence on the roads. In the past, I had dreaded my driving lessons but I very quickly felt relaxed after starting driving lessons with Steve. I am pleased to say that with his support, I passed my test today with only two minors. Thank you Steve for all your support!

Lucy Whitehall | 4 May, 2023

I passed with Steve over 3 years ago now. He took me on as a student after having a bad experience with 2 other instructors. Steve is patient, supportive and very well knowledgeable. He kept me calm and always had me comfortable when driving. He was a fantastic driving instructor and I have recommended many of my friends and work clients to him.

Leighanne Carter | 4 September, 2021

Steve has been a fantastic driving instructor, and has quickly helped me build up my confidence. He is an excellent teacher and explains everything clearly and calmly. Just what I needed ! Passed my test with only 1 minor & so happy with the outcome, I would recommend him 100%...

Lucy Stevens | 29 August, 2020

Steve is a fantastic instructor, very patient and very friendly. I couldn’t recommend him enough! I passed my driving test today with only 3 minors!

Anyone looking for a friendly, patient driving instructor should definitely come to Steve

Emily Jackson | 29 August, 2020

Steve is a fantastic instructor and I would definitely recommend learning with him! He is very friendly and made me feel at ease from day one as quite an (originally) nervous driver! He has really helped my confidence and with all his support I passed with only 3 minors today ? Thank you so much Steve! xx

Amy Whitehall | 29 August, 2020

fantastic instructor, explains and teaches everything in a simple and easy to understand way, really builds your confidence step by step and always positive! passed with only 5 minors ! would highly recommend for anyone looking to drive an automatic.

Matt Stroud | 29 August, 2020

Excellent instructor! I swapped over from another teacher and am so glad I did. Steve is friendly, professional, and calm, and can put any nervous driver at ease. He gives out paper guides to roundabouts and “show me, tell me” questions, and keeps track of your progress every lesson. He always shows up on time and sends you reminders the day before which I find really helpful. I’m an American in the UK so I’ve basically had to start learning again from scratch and Steve has been so patient and helpful throughout this process. Passed my test with only 1 minor. Highly recommended!

Grace Morgan | 29 August, 2020

Steve is an excellent instructor, very patient and thanks to him I have passed my test with only 3 minors!! Can’t recommend him enough 5 stars x

Amanda Shearman | 29 August, 2020

Excellent instruction, very patient and good with anxious learners. Highly recommended. So pleased to have passed today thanks to Steve!

Kristina Hook | 29 August, 2020

I can’t recommend Steve highly enough!

I switched from another driving instructor feeling rather put off from driving and lacking confidence. Steve taught me how to drive in a very calm and easy to understand manner and my confidence was growing with every lesson.

Lucie Warne | 29 August, 2020

Steve was amazing! After numerous instructors, he was the first one to truly help me conquer my fear of driving. He is calm and patient, explaining everything clearly and thoroughly. Plus, he’s a nice guy too! I would highly recommend Steve – I couldn’t have passed without him!

Jacqui Potgieter | 29 August, 2020

Steve is a great instructor, really calm and patient. He explains everything in a way that is easy to understand and makes you feel so at ease. It is thanks to him that i passed my test first time today. Thank you Steve!

Jenna Benn-Magill | 29 August, 2020

Passed first time with no minors. Steve is a great instructor, very patient and puts you at ease. 100% would recommend!

Emily Lowden-Cox | 29 August, 2020

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