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Paul has been an amazing driving instructor, he has really built up my confidence over the months. He caters his lessons specifically around the individual and really pushes you out of your comfort zone. I cannot thank you enough for the patience you’ve had with me and for helping me in getting a pass first time!!

Sophie Morris | 24 September, 2023

I would highly recommend paul as a driving instructor. My husband has just passed his driving test first time which was brilliant as he has ADHD and can really struggle at times and get highly frustrated but Paul managed to coach him really well and adapted his teaching in a way that my husband could understand. We are very grateful we found him. We would highly recommend.

Claire Marriott | 24 September, 2023

Came to Paul after I had previously learnt to drive privately and with a couple other instructors. I have to say Paul’s teaching style is both brilliant and unique. I have had the best time learning with him - he’s an amazing instructor! Highly highly recommend Paul to anyone!

Becky Rushby-Burke | 24 September, 2023

Big thanks to paul for helping me to get my driving licence first time round. I’ve found driving with Paul has been very straight forward, comfortable, memorable and fun. He’s a quality driving instructor and all round just a sound guy. If you’re looking for a driving instructor then look no further because paul will get you driving in the most efficient of ways. I cant do anything but highly recommend. Once again, a big thank you to Paul. I’ll see you on the road

Shaun Williams | 24 September, 2023

Great instructor! I’ve had multiple instructors over the years but have found most have not suited to the way I learn to drive. Paul adapted to my way of learning and made me feel at ease when nervous on the roads.
I had only 10 lessons with him and can finally say I have passed and first time too.😄
Thank you Paul 👍🏽

Kristine Uy | 24 September, 2023

Great instructor. always flexible with lessons and helped me to pass my test. 5 stars all around ✨️

Kyle Hawkins | 24 September, 2023

Couldn\'t recommend Paul enough, started with him in February and right from the start he makes you feel comfortable and fully understand everything you are doing. He is brilliant at catering lessons to you individually, for example, he knew that I liked to write things down each lesson then keep reviewing them before every lesson. In knowing this he would then let me explain my thinking and how I\'m going to change things before each lesson and would allow me to think about things at home. Passed first time today so just goes to show how brilliant he is!

Troy Bulpitt | 24 September, 2023

Truly great instructor, teaches more than just driving and is invested in your story and you as a person. Simply pushes you out of your comfort zone until you are comfortable with every scenario. Considering going prices for lessons right now great value. Made me pass 2nd time around and I was a truly very nervous driver when I started. Trust in Paul and he\'ll tell you when your truly ready.

Aaron Gibbs | 24 September, 2023

Paul b was a brilliant instructor , always knew when i was nervous about messing something up so would change the subject , made me feel comfortable from day 1 , would 100% recommend to anyone looking for an instructor

Jessica Waters | 24 September, 2023

Paul is a great driving instructor, he made me feel comfortable from the first lesson and pushed me to become better and more confident in my abilities. Having passed first time I cannot recommend paul enough.

Lauren Cleevely | 24 September, 2023

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