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The 2019 Mini Cooper
Instructors Name:
Adrian Fedyk
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Phone Number:
Hourly Rate:
£45 Discounts for Block Bookings
Discounts Offered:
5 Hours £222.50
10 Hours £440.00
Opening Hours:
09:00 - 18:00 Monday to Friday - 10:00 - 16:00 Saturday
Additional Services:
Pass Plus, Refresher Lessons, Motorway Lessons, Intensive Courses
Business Description:

At Optimus, my aim is that we will form a partnership that will ensure you get the most from your driving lessons around Basingstoke - enjoyable learning and professional tuition.

I use tried and tested teaching and learning techniques, the latest study aids, and a real determination and commitment to achieve your goal of independent driving.

So you will find that you will spend the vast majority of your driving lessons around Basingstoke learning how to drive and on the road, rather than spending time on the side of the road discussing the theory of driving.

With Great Discounts for Block Bookings over 4 hours and a Pass Rate that is Double the National Average, you can't go wrong with Optimus.

For the Best Value Driving Lessons in the Basingstoke area, please Call or Text Optimus on 07749 218000 Today!

Please note that I DO NOT offer Automatic Driving Lessons.

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Adrian is a fantastic teacher. Very calm, very patient and excellent sense of humour! My daughter thoroughly enjoy the whole learning experience. Cannot recommend Agent highly enough. Many thanks. Stu Williams

Mark Williams | 1 March, 2022

Adrian helped my daughter pass her test first time. She said his calm demeanor and expertise made a tremendous difference to her confidence. I am happy to thoroughly recommend Optimus.

Phil Middleton | 1 March, 2022

Adrian is a great instructor, he\'s patient and is very knowledgeable. He\'s always on time and goes at a great pace. He goes the extra mile, and I passed first time! I highly recommend him.

Noah Forde | 1 March, 2022

had a very good experience with Optimus School of Motoring, I was able to learn how to be confident in my driving and some key tips to help pass my test.

Sam Holland | 1 March, 2022

Very calm and friendly, made our daughter feel comfortable from day one and v happy to answer her incessant questions!

Rachel Williams | 1 March, 2022

Adrian's lessons were great and very informative. He was always happy to answer my questions and always had a positive attitude. Highly recommended.

Paul Dhillon | 22 September, 2021

Adrian optimises what you look for in a great instructor you feel at ease behind the wheel due to his calm and upbeat attitude, his clear and concise instructions get you up to the level you need quickly with maximum time behind the wheel and not on the sideroad. Recommend highly for your learning journey

Mark Frost | 8 March, 2021

Excellent instructor, brilliant level of patience and support. With a sense of humour to boot! It was easy to learn under Adrian and not a single moment of any of my lessons I felt were wasted. Already recommended to one of my friends who is also learning now 🙂

Chris Ladhams | 8 March, 2021

I started driving after a 6 year break and went straight back to Adrian. I wouldn\'t choose anyone else and couldn\'t recommend him enough. He gives great tutorage and teaches you clearly and calmly. Just what i needed. Thank you so much Adrian. OPTIMUS really does mean the best!! Xx

Steph Oakley | 8 March, 2021

Adrian was recommended to me by my best friend Chris who left a 5 star review previously and I can only reaffirm that he\'s a brilliant instructor. After having an instructor who previously wasted time during lessons, Adrian immediately gets you driving every lesson allowing you to develop as a driver at your own pace. Any time I didn\'t quite grasp something straight away, Adrian went out of his way to walk me through my problem step by step until I felt comfortable, relieving any anxieties I may have had. If you can\'t tell already by the number of times I\'ve typed Adrian, I genuinely had a great time with him as a person and instructor, I cannot recommend him highly enough and the Mini being a great drive is just the cherry on top.

We'll meet again, Don't know where, Don\'t know when...

Jake O'Shea | 8 March, 2021

Adrian is a top guy and brilliant instructor! I was a fairly nervous driver, but he guided me patiently and was always very encouraging. Couldn\'t recommend enough

Michaela Daveridge | 8 March, 2021

I have to say Adrian was brilliant with me. He knew I had a good understanding of driving due to my mechanics background, so he got me up to level of driving very quickly, where I passed with just 14 lessons. I could not recommend him enough. Thanks Adrian, now I can move forward from here with my career. Cheers Phil.

Phil Russell | 8 March, 2021

Adrian is a kind, friendly and most importantly patient driving instructor. I was an extremely nervous driver when I started, but he soon calmed me down and taught me all I needed to know so that after a few lessons in I always felt at ease. He truly wants you to succeed which helps to raise your confidence and ultimately makes you road-ready!

Rebecca Pitt | 8 March, 2021

When Adrian first began working with me I’d just moved to the UK, recognised few of the road signs, had never driven on a roundabout, and was petrified of driving on the “other” side of the road. I hadn’t driven a manual shift in years, never mind on the “wrong” side of the car, so was a bundle of uncoordinated nerves, and was faced with about five times the information in a US driving test. I couldn’t imagine passing, let alone the first time—but I did, and both! He is professional, thorough and a good communicator, and I couldn’t have done it without him. Cannot recommend him enough.

Jordyn Paige | 8 March, 2021

Great learning with Optimus School of Motoring! Great service and couldn\'t think of any other I\'d choose to learn with! Massive thank you to Adrian for helping me get a pass!
Will be recommending to all my folks and friends who are learning in the future!

Spencer Charlton | 8 March, 2021

I would highly recommend Optimus and Adrian to all learning to drive. He has successfully taught two of my children in a very short space of time and they have both passed their tests first time. He is patient, friendly, provides a full and structured lesson and is always punctual! Many friends have also used Optimus and have also recommended to others as their experience has been so positive!

Sophia Richardson | 8 March, 2021

A calm, collected and kind instructor who got me through to passing my test. Cannot recommend him enough to anyone looking for the right driving instructor. Many thanks Adrian.

Chris Hall | 8 March, 2021

Really great driving instructor. Really knowledgeable about all things driving and importantly the test itself and what to expect. Helped me a great deal passing - I\'ve not messed up a parallel park since Adrian taught me his techniques!! Definitely someone to use if you learn better in a calm atmosphere.

Alan Bristow | 8 March, 2021

Adrian is a fantastic driving instructor and I thoroughly enjoyed learning to drive with Optimus School of Motoring. He is calm and collected, very professional and was always on time - would recommend!

Lucas Holley | 8 March, 2021

Can’t thank Adrian enough for his continued help and support to get me passed first time. A great instructor, relaxed , comfortable lessons, would highly recommend 🙂

Freya Kent | 8 March, 2021

An amazing instructor who is really patient, makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. And is really good at building the confidence to drive independently! Would highly recommend.

Amy Laverton | 8 March, 2021

I couldn’t recommend enough!!! Adrian helped me immensely and has a huge amount of driving knowledge. He is a calm, patient instructor and gave me the confidence to pass first time!

Ian Cadman | 8 March, 2021

Very good instructor very patient and easy-going instructor, explains concepts very well! Would certainly recommend to new learners.

Sue Watson | 8 March, 2021

Passed my test first time with Optimus. Adrian was a really great instructor and has helped me so much. He was a great teacher and knew when I needed reassurance and when I could be pushed further. Thanks for everything.

Bronwyn Edwards | 8 March, 2021

Adrian is an excellent teacher and I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons with him. Would absolutely recommend him.

Campbell Nugent | 8 March, 2021

I didn’t exactly ‘take’ to driving and found it tricky at times but Adrian was very patient and professional which helped ease nerves a lot and get me through. Thanks once again! Have recommended to friends.

Rebecca Turrell | 8 March, 2021

Adrian is an amazing instructor and he helped me pass my driving test first time. He is very calm and professional and he encouraged me a lot. Adrian is very organised and always on time and although he is very busy he will always try to fit all his students in, therefore I would definitely recommend him. I really enjoyed my driving lessons, he is very friendly and patient.

Carmen Garcia | 8 March, 2021

My daughter was extremely nervous before my first lesson, but Adrian made her feel at ease and confident. She had regular lessons and the service was reliable and just what she needed. The lessons got more challenging and enabled her to pass her test first time. Can’t recommend him enough.

Hannah Martin | 8 March, 2021

Adrian is a great instructor, and helped me pass my test first time. He is very calm, patient and gives amazing preparation for the test. He is also extremely punctual. Would highly recommend!!

Jack Kellard | 8 March, 2021

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