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Barry is the best instructor that anyone could ask for. I was nervous and I wasn’t confident in myself. But Barry helped with my confidence. He is very patient, kind and reliable. He’s a great laugh! I would definitely recommend him.

Chantel codd | 20 May, 2024

The best instructor I could have found, Incredibly patient, kind and motivating, after trying with a few previous instructors, my driving anxiety and general nerves I didn\'t think i was ever going to pass and wanted to quit/give up nearly every other lesson but thanks to Barry I finally passed my test yesterday.

Becky Lee | 1 September, 2022

Barry is a patient and professional instructor with tons of real-life experience. He really goes the extra mile by taking time to give context to his lessons and goes at the pace of the student. Despite the breaks in our lessons due to covid and work Barry always found a way to make our lessons flow from one another we always swiftly picked up where we last left of. Additionally, he always put emphasis on what I would like to take away from the lesson beforehand.

I earned a pass first time with Barry and would highly recommend him as an instructor to anyone looking as a first-time learner of someone with some lessons already under their belt!

Great communicator, always calm and a very relaxing instructor

Jake Gallagher | 1 September, 2022

My experience of learning to drive with Mercury Driving School was fantastic. The lessons were always enjoyable and stress-free. I was asked at the start of each lesson what I thought we should cover, so every lesson had a purpose, and I felt in control of my progress. Everything was organised through an app, including a progress tracker which helped me to gauge how close I was to being test-ready. Barry is friendly, reliable, and easy to contact outside of lessons. He is very calm and understanding (even when I made mistakes!), providing a safe space to learn and progress. I would recommend Mercury Driving School to anyone wanting to learn to drive. With Barry\'s help I was able to pass my driving test first time, and I have felt confident driving in my own car now that I have passed. Thanks for all of your help Barry!

Hannah Croad | 1 September, 2022

I can honestly not recommend Barry enough! The passion, knowledge and patience he has is honestly amazing. Someone recommended Mercury driving school in March which I then got in contact with Barry, after a 45-minute phone call with Barry to just get an introduction of what Barry could offer I knew that he was the one and he stood out from all other local instructors.
He’s very very reliable, believed in me since day 1 even when I was stalling every time I took off 🙂 I felt so comfortable driving with Barry. We always had a laugh when driving but still achieved everything we had to during our lessons.

30 hours later I passed my test 1st time in Basingstoke!

I can not fault Barry and Mercury driving school for anything.

Thanks Barry for teaching me, watch out I’m on the roads now 🙂

Chelsea Watts | 1 September, 2022

My son thoroughly enjoyed his lessons with Barry and passed his test first time. Can\'t ask more than that. Thank you.

Jodie Saunders | 1 September, 2022

Fantastic reliable best choice we made, our son is on the road in a short space of time. Barry was reliable kind and very helpful did an amazing job I would highly recommended no regrets thank you.

ZED | 1 September, 2022

I have had the pleasure of being taught by Barry Davis for the past year or so now and today have finally passed my test! There is no way I could have done it without Barry’s help. Always kind and considerate as well as helping you understand where your strengths and weaknesses are without being condescending in the slightest. Could not have asked for a better experience!

Emily Denny | 1 September, 2022

Barry is an amazing instructor. He helped my wife build her confidence and what was even more amazing was knowing that she wanted to take her test in my car, Barry agreed to give her some lessons in my car. We will be coming back to Barry in the coming couple of months for her to upgrade her licence to a manual.

Thanks Barry you are amazing all round.

Tony Peters | 1 September, 2022

Barry was very welcoming and didn’t make me feel scared if I made a mistake. Perfect Driving instructor and couldn’t ask for a better one.

AGBrewer | 1 September, 2022

Barry was so kind and patient with my daughter, who has dyslexia and has social anxiety around new people. He never lets you down and with his encouragement she passed her driving test first time! They gave us some really useful tips about how to pass her theory test which she struggled with due to being dyslexic. Would highly recommend Mercury Driving School!!!

Abby Fryer | 1 September, 2022

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