Coronavirus Update

Can driving lessons still go ahead?

Many people are getting in touch with their instructors to find out if driving lessons can still go ahead.  In short, the answer is yes they can.  There is no government advise or DVSA directive to instructors to cancel or postpone any driving lessons at this stage.

Due to the confined environment, the cars interior hygiene is very important.  The advice from a professional on the BBC news today stated that all driving instructors should ensure that the surfaces in the car are cleaned between each driving lesson.

Additional car cleaning and sanitising between all driving lessons using anti-bacterial wipes has been in practice for the last two weeks with my driving school now and will continue until further notice. 

Good Hand Hygiene

Providing all students and instructors continue to practice good hand hygiene the risks can be reduced.  It is recommendable to wash your hands directly before a driving lesson and then immediately after a lesson.  You should also avoid greeting your instructor with a handshake, just smile and say hello. You can also avoid touching any unnecessary surfaces in the car or between the car and home.

Self Isolation 

It is very important for the safety off all fellow citizens that if you or anyone you have been in contact with shows any signs of the virus that you immediately self isolate.  It is obvious that should this be the case that you cancel your lessons until you recover or cease to be a risk.  If all instructors and pupils are careful then hopefully the risk of contracting or spreading the virus during lessons will be minimal.

Theory Tests and Driving Tests

As you may be aware from the news the DVSA are taking preventative action and are temporally closing the Theory Test and Driving Test centres to protect staff from the coronavirus.  Any tests affected are being automatically rebooked and new appointments are being issued.

A candidate affected by a practical test cancellation will be able to claim back any out of pocket expenses that they incur if they need to cancel any driving lessons at short notice and incur a charge.   

Please note that any test cancellations or postponements are completely out of your instructor’s control. 

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