How to choose your instructor

Instructor Grade ‘A’ or ‘B’

There are so many driving instructors to choose from that it can be a tough decision.  All of the driving instructors on this website have been approved by the Driver Vehicle Standards Agency and have been DBS checked, and their teaching ability has been assessed.  Each driving instructor will have been given an individual grade.

Grade A

The instructor has shown a high standard of instruction.

Grade B

The instructor has shown a satisfactory standard of instruction.


Instructor’s performance is unsatisfactory and they cannot be graded.

Even once qualified, driving instructors have to take what is called a standards check test every 4 years. This involves them sitting what is pretty much the qualification tests all over again. The grading system is exactly the same, all across the country which means ADIs may hold both grade A and grade B status at different points in their career and still be good enough to teach.  It is normal for instructors to have either a Grade A or Grade B at different stages depending on how these tests go on the day of a check test.  If the DVSA did not think the instructor was good enough to teach at all then they would fail the test.

Sometimes you will come across an instructor in training these are called PDI’s and they are ungraded as they have not finished training yet.  There are a few instructors in training around and they can be recognised as they have to display a pink badge in the front of their car, instead of the standard green badges that fully qualified instructors display.  It is illegal for anyone who is not an ADI or PDI to charge you for lessons and if you come across anyone teaching without a badge you should report this to the police.

By Price

All instructors are free to set their own prices and discounts.  It should be noted that the cheapest is not always the best option when learning to drive.  Likewise just because someone is charging an above-average price for lessons it does not make them the best either.  Be aware of special offers, freebies and discounts as these may not be what they initially appear to be.

Read Reviews

All instructors on this site have a reviews section on their page.  One of the best ways to choose an instructor is by reviews.  Both word of mouth from others that have learned to drive and passed their test with an instructor, or by genuine reviews.  Be careful on some other website as sometimes reviews can be manipulated.  On this site, precautions are taken to help prevent any dodgy reviews. 

Manual or Automatic

When learning to drive you will also need to decide whether you wish to learn to drive in a manual or automatic car.  Automatic lessons can be easier as there is less to learn, but you will not be able to drive a manual car at any point in the future unless you retake a manual driving test.  Do whatever suits you the best and do not let others try to convince you to do otherwise – there are a lot of people who can offer unwelcomed advice. 

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