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Steve Ladhams
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Steve Ladhams
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07917 858872
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Basingstoke and surrounding areas
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BSM franchised with a manual Peugeot 208 covering Basingstoke and surrounding areas. I am an experienced driving instructor and have previous experience driving in the police force in the Hampshire Police Traffic Department and have been a ROSPA Advanced Driving Examiner.

Tuesdays: 8am to 5pm
Wednesdays: 8am to 8pm
Thursdays: 8am to 5pm
Fridays: 9am to 8pm
Saturdays: 8am to 8pm

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Steve is amazing and brilliant driving instructor I came across. He helped me to pass my test in first attempt. He helped me improve my driving overall. He is patient and helpful. I would highly recommend him to the learners.

Rohan Joshi | 7 August, 2022

Would definitely recommend Steve to anyone, he is very patient and answered any questions that I had. He also helped me to feel confident enough to pass my test and confident enough to drive around by myself!

Charlotte | 5 August, 2022

Steve is a great instructor who is patient and very knowledgeable. He helped build my confidence on the road and his guidance was first class, which helped me to pass first time in less than three months with only 20 hours of lessons. I’d highly recommend him to any learners.

Jaidan harper | 25 May, 2022

Would recommend Steve to anyone! He is patient and so understanding and how you put up with me I don’t know!! He definitely helped with my confidence which meant I passed first time and now I am a confident driver. He truly is the best and can handle with anything you have questions about and also adapt to your way of doing things! Thank you again steve, you were the best instructor.

Freya Clark | 1 May, 2022

Steve has been fantastic. He is good, patient and makes you feel very comfortable. He helped me pass first time. He is a very good instructor and i could not recommend anyone better. Thankyou Steve.

Katie | 7 April, 2022

Steve has been an amazing driving instructor. Very helpful and patient, key to settling down nerves about driving. Could not recommend enough!

Sara | 3 April, 2022

Cannot recommend Steve enough! Very patient, great communicator and teacher, and encouraging. With him as my driving instructor I went from being an anxious driver who was learning out of necessity to being confident one who enjoys driving!

Becky | 6 March, 2022

The David Attenborough of driving instructors. Such a calm, collective and positive instructor.
Not only did he teach me how to be safe and confident, Steve makes you believe in yourself even if thing don’t go to plan.
Would 100% recommend if you want the best experience learning you drive!

Jasmine | 22 February, 2022

Steve is a professional and approachable instructor who is always happy to answer questions and puts his students first ensuring that they improve and progress.

Harvey cole | 21 February, 2022

Steve has been an amazing driving instructor! Extremely patient and helped overcome fears when it came to behind the wheel! Highly recommended him for other learners! 😊

Alexandra | 21 February, 2022

The David Attenborough of driving instructors. Such a calm, collective and positive instructor.
Not only did he teach me how to be safe and confident, Steve makes you believe in yourself even if thing don’t go to plan.
Would 100% recommend if you want the best experience learning you drive!

Jasmine | 21 February, 2022

If you are looking for an instructor don’t look anywhere else. Steve is your guy. As others have mentioned in their reviews, he is very patient and always calm. And that is who you want sitting next to you when you are driving. He not only prepares you to pass the test but also to be an overall good driver.

Nitin khanna | 22 October, 2021

Steve was very patient and always gave clear and concise instructions. I was really pleased that Steve was my driving instructor, the lessons were calm and engaging. He went above and beyond to fit in my driving lessons and was always punctual and reliable. I highly recommend Steve and give thanks to him for getting me through my driving test first time.

Matthew Payne | 10 October, 2021

Steve is an amazing instructor and could not recommend him enough. He is patient, calm and is great at explaining how to do certain things you are finding hard. More importantly my anxiety around driving completely disappeared once we started working together, I now always look forward to driving. Passed on my first test and will definitely be missing Hector (learner car) (:

Sarah H | 27 September, 2021

Steve is an incredible instructor! He explains everything clearly and is very patient when you’re learning new aspects each lesson. His style of teaching helped me build my confidence behind the wheel and I know I couldn’t have passed without his guidance!

Harry Lander | 24 September, 2021

Steve was a fantastic instructor, he made me feel so comfortable in the car and put me at ease. He is very patient and great with guiding students through new experiences. I’m so glad he was recommended to me and I would highly recommend him on.

Amanda | 22 August, 2021

One of the best driving instructors, extremely patient, will change the way he teaches you things depending on which way works better on you, and I couldn’t have passed without him! Would highly recommend going with Steve for your lessons :)

Ahmed Bedair | 26 July, 2021

Steve was so patient when I was learning a new skill which I found difficult. We drove to new places to get more expereince such as south Hampton which made me a confident driver. He a brilliant instructor that got me through my test. Highly recommend.

Chloe underwood | 26 July, 2021

I am extremely lucky to have had Steve as my driving instructor. He is very patient and has various tools to make sure that we correct our mistakes. He teaches how to be a better driver in life overall , rather than how to just pass the test. He was kind to be flexible to allow extra lessons just before the test to make sure I correct any residual mistakes I could make. He is a very friendly and cool instructor and calms your nerves. I recommend him to anyone who needs driving lessons.

Bijil Raj | 4 July, 2021

Steve is a brilliant instructor, he gives great easy to follow directions, he is patient and calm with a very reassuring manner. He makes the lesson enjoyable and his car is lovely to drive. Steve recommended a great app which helped me practice my theory. With 3 cancelled tests during lockdown he was extremely flexible when lessons recommenced and I had a new test date which enabled me to get in some last minute practice. His feedback after each lesson was really positive and helpful. Thoroughly recommend him.

Dominic Ripton-Palmer | 25 June, 2021

Steve is truly amazing and also cool driving instructor. He helped me with lot of techniques, strategy, planning ahead on the road and easy way of doing things while I was struggling bit.
Steve not only allowed me to drive confidently, he taught knowledge to drive on road after passing the test.
I have done lot of mistakes throughout the driving course and sometimes never listen, I do on my own but he corrected all my mistakes in gentle way and got me to pass the test.
I would say for that I will give more than 5***** for his patience…

Sathish | 20 May, 2021

Steve is a brilliant instructor who helped me not only pass my test first time, but feel confident and prepared for driving in the future. He was very patient and understanding, I would highly recommend!

Emily | 4 February, 2021

Steve is a truly amazing driving instructor. He helped guide me through new experiences, gain confidence on the road and belief in my own ability. He is patient, gentle in approaches to feedback and truly the best instructor. Steve not only allowed you to drive confidently, he taught knowledge beyond passing the test as well. I highly recommend him to everyone as he is so dedicated, helpful and understanding from scaling lessons to my ability as well as pacing the learning process to a pace that suits me.

Iysha Morris | 3 September, 2020

Steve’s a great instructor, really patient and understanding and really helps put you at ease whilst making the lessons enjoyable. Would highly recommend!

Shannon | 1 September, 2020

Steve what can I say. Very patient and true gent. Being an older driver that had not been in a car for over 20 years gave me the confidence and drive to succeed my goal in driving. He dispelled all my nerves and taught me how to overcome the fear. Great fabulous guy when you go with Steve you will succeed

Anne | 30 August, 2020

Steve has been a fantastic driving instructor! He taught me not only how to drive but how to be a confident and competent driver helping me overcome difficulties when behind the wheel. He was extremely patient whenever I was learning a new skill. I would highly recommend him to other learners.

Oli Morgan | 30 August, 2020

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