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Business Name: LEAP with Heidi
Instructors Name: Heidi White
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Phone Number: 07825 517981
Areas Covered: Basingstoke Only
Hourly Rate: £35
Opening Hours: Weekdays Only
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I have been teaching for 15 years and love my job. I get so much job satisfaction from seeing students progress and pass their driving test. Learning to drive can be a very daunting and nerve-racking experience, I try to make my students feel calm and relaxed during their lessons and build their confidence to be a safe driver.

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  • LEAP with Heidi
  • LEAP with Heidi
  • LEAP with Heidi


If Heidi could get me to pass my driving test then she can get anyone to pass! I took 5 tests to pass as I crumbled under pressures but Heidi never once lost faith in me. She was so patient and I can’t thank her enough. I now feel confident behind the wheel and feel like I’d be prepared for any driving conditions as I had lots of practice and fun with Heidi!!

Ellie | 29 August, 2020

I have just passed my test first time with Heidi, and I couldn’t fault her one bit! She is calm, patient, and will push you to be the best driver you can be. She answered any questions I had without hesitation and made sure I understood everything before moving onto the next topic. After struggling to get on with other instructors and about to give up learning to drive all together I came across Heidi’s business card, and it was the best choice I ever made, as you don’t just get a driving instructor with heidi you get a great friend!

Aimee | 29 August, 2020

Heidi is a truly brilliant driving instructor! She is patient and calm in every lesson enabling you to build your confidence to pass your test. You don’t only gain a driving license with Heidi, (she has a 100% pass rate) but a true friend at the same time.

Ellie | 29 August, 2020

Heidi is the best instructor and makes all her pupils feel at ease. She connects with them at their level and has amazing results. Simply the best.

Carrie Swan | 29 August, 2020

Heidi taught me how to drive almost 8 years ago and she was absolutely fantastic. I looked forward to my lessons with her, she’s hilarious, incredibly patient and extremely knowledgable behind the wheel. It was a bittersweet day when I passed my test but I can’t recommend her enough to anyone looking to learn how to drive!

Rosie York | 29 August, 2020

Brilliant teacher, and amazing patience! And felt confident when sitting my test 🙂

Rebecca Watt | 29 August, 2020

I was very nervous when I started my lessons but Heidi helped me gain confidence in no time and understood all of my struggles and always made me feel comfortable. She is faultless and made a stressful time learning very enjoyable! I always looked forward to my next driving lesson. I passed first time thanks to Heidi! Don’t think I could’ve found anyone any better! I’ll always recommend Heidi to anyone that asks!

Leah Hunt | 29 August, 2020

Heidi made me feel so relaxed and comfortable whilst learning to drive. Professional, friendly and easily approachable with any concerns you may have. I felt very safe and gained so much confidence on the road, so much so I passed 1st time! Couldn’t have found anyone better and would highly recommend.

Tegane Lee | 29 August, 2020

Heidi was the best instructor I could have asked for!! Always made me feel at ease when driving and was a great teacher, explained things so well and with her help I passed first time!

Katie Wilkinson | 29 August, 2020

Heidi was the best instructor I could have asked for!! Always made me feel at ease when driving and was a great teacher, explained things so well and with her help I passed first time!

Katie Wilkinson | 29 August, 2020

Heidi was the best instructor I could have asked for!! Always made me feel at ease when driving and was a great teacher, explained things so well and with her help I passed first time!

Katie Wilkinson | 29 August, 2020

An amazing instructor, always on time, very committed and can guide you incredibly quickly to pass your driving test!

Jordan | 29 August, 2020

Heidi made me feel so confident and supported me throughout learning how to drive! I passed first time with her, I would definitely recommend Heidi to anyone learning how to drive. I don’t think I would have passed if it wasn’t for her!

Hannah Duncan | 29 August, 2020

Heidi was absolutely brilliant when I was learning to drive! I’d be waiting by the window for her before every lesson haha! So helpful and understanding which made the lessons a lot easier!

Latiya Elie | 29 August, 2020

Heidi is an amazing driving instructor! After being messed about by another instructor, Heidi agreed to take me on, and done a great job teaching me! I passed with flying colours, 0 faults and a completely clean driving certificate!

Would recommend Heidi White to anyone and everyone looking to learn how to drive.

John Chubb | 29 August, 2020

Amazing instructor, only had a couple of lessons and passed, wish I started with Heidi, Made me feel so comfortable and confident!

Daniella wild | 29 August, 2020

Heidi was absolutely incredible when it came to my lessons! I initially had a strong disliking to driving but by the end of my lessons, I was really looking forward to my lessons and didn't want them to end. Either way, I passed first time and couldn’t be more proud to recommend Heidi to all my friends and family who completed lessons and passed their tests first time too!

Natasha Selfe | 29 August, 2020

I would highly recommend Heidi as a driving instructor. As well as making learning to drive a fun experience, she was extremely patient and made sure I was completely prepared and calm before taking my test

Rebecca F | 29 August, 2020

Loved every lesson with Heidi, she made me feel comfortable and supported throughout. She is so positive and won’t let you give up, can’t recommend her enough. Wouldn’t of been able to pass first time without her!

Joanna Chart | 29 August, 2020

Not only is Heidi a knowledgable and great driving instructor, she is easy to get on with and makes learning to drive relaxing and enjoyable. Couldn’t be recommended more!

Jake Keep | 29 August, 2020

I was lucky enough to have Heidi as my instructor throughout my driving lessons/test, and if it wasn’t for her motivation and friendly approach, I doubt I would’ve continued with the experience! Heidi is a lovely woman, who’s extremely professional, very patient and always made me feel so comfortable. I can’t give Heidi any faults at all. Overall, she’s a fantastic instructor!

Megan de Burton | 29 August, 2020

I loved every lesson I had with Heidi, her witty comments and dedication to making sure I left that lesson proud was what got me through the bad days! She’s kind, understanding & pushes you to do your best. I miss my lessons with Heidi and I’m extremely proud I passed first time, all down to the help she gave me!! Highly recommend

Abigail D’Anna-Brown | 29 August, 2020

An absolutely lovely instructor who supports her students in confidence whilst driving. She is wonderful for people just starting to learn to drive or even those who’ve already started! She knows your driving ability more than you do sometimes! Cannot give her faults at all! She will only send you test ready!

Carah Newlands | 29 August, 2020

I was recommended Heidi for my driving lessons and I am so happy I went with her, I was very nervous about learning to drive and she immediately put me at ease and helped me grow in confidence. She was always professional and always made me feel very comfortable throughout every lesson! I passed my test first time all thanks to Heidi. Couldn’t thank her enough for everything, she is amazing!

Jessica Sadler | 29 August, 2020

I learned to drive with Heidi as soon as I turned 17. I didn’t have access to a car at home and learned entirely with Heidi – my little every day practice at home meant I had slight confidence issues when driving but she really gave me the confidence on the road. We had such a good time and was really friendly and supportive. I learned to drive with Heidi, passed within a year, first time, and only got one minor.

Everything was explained perfectly and every lesson was enjoyable. I still remember it like it was yesterday and enjoyed it so much I went back to do my pass plus with her. 110%

Emily O’Hare | 29 August, 2020

Heidi is the kindest and caring driving instructor you could find, I started off as a super anxious driver but low and behold Heidi helped me become confident in driving keeping me calm at all times. She talked everything through with before we did it and particularly with roundabouts she’d pull up her diagrams and explain how to go about driving them, each explanation was clear and easy to understand. Heidi is the most down to earth driving instructor with vast understanding of nerves and other such things. I would 150% recommend Heidi to learn to drive with.

Charly Labrooy | 29 August, 2020

I was a very anxious person in general and Heidi just completely puts you at ease. I struggled a bit at first but she knew just how to push me in the right direction. She explains everything very well and sets you up perfectly to pass. She’s definitely the best instructor to have a laugh with as well. I’d learn with her all over again!

Megan | 29 August, 2020

I had such a great experience learning to drive with Heidi. She made me feel very comfortable throughout my lessons and gave me lots of confidence. Heidi is not only a great instructor but a lovely person too. Would recommend to anyone.

Lucy | 29 August, 2020

Could not fault Heidi at all. Amazing driving instructor that pretty much worked magic on me due to me being such a nervous driver. Never a dull lesson, such a good sense of humour. 110% recommend

Caitlin | 29 August, 2020

I was recommended Heidi when I was learning to drive and it was the best decision I made. Heidi was patient and supportive, taught me what I needed to know to pass my test and how to be safe on the road. Went out of her way at all times during the day, including weekends, to make sure I was fully prepared for my test which I passed first time thanks to Heidi. I cannot recommend Heidi enough – many family members and friends have passed first time with her also. Great instructor!!

Rianna Grainger | 29 August, 2020

Heidi is the most caring, calm, understanding and patient person I’ve ever met. She completely takes in your worries and leads lessons around your strengths before battling your weakness! Being in the car with her completely puts your mind at ease. I can’t thank Heidi enough for the belief and confidence she had in me and helped me build on those personally too. I’m so proud that I was able to pass my test but I always miss my weekly lessons with her. We had such a laugh.

Janie | 29 August, 2020

Coming into driving nervous she really calmed my nerves always talked things through with me, it made driving easy with her sense of humour and just general caring about you wanting you to succeed and at the end of all the lessons with passing your driving test you finish off with a friend I cannot stress this enough this is the driving instructor you need.

Tommy Watts | 29 August, 2020

I learnt with Heidi over 5 years ago and couldn’t recommend her enough to anyone learning to drive! She builds good relationships with students and is very professional. Heidi made me feel calm when learning, she helped me gain the confidence to pass my test but to also feel confident in my own car. I did pass plus with Heidi, she made it fun and built my confidence on the motorway.

Abigail | 29 August, 2020

Heidi is a great driving instructor with a great sense of humour, who makes you feel at ease. Whilst learning to drive, she was flexible and went above and beyond to fit lessons around my work and college timetable. Heidi allows you to learn at your own pace and she was very supportive throughout and during the build up to the date of my test.

Danielle Farr | 29 August, 2020

Heidi is a highly recommended driving instructor! I was always scared to start driving and I always lacked in confidence. When I started driving with Heidi she always made me feel calm and relaxed. Heidi is very patient and knows how to make you feel comfortable and confident. I had so much fun learning to drive with Heidi, she is honestly a barrel of laughs! I couldn’t recommend her highly enough!!

Leighton | 29 August, 2020

I passed my driving instructor just over a year ago and I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor! She helped me to overcome my anxieties about driving very patiently and effectively. Would always look forward to our lessons.

Becky | 29 August, 2020

I’ve had a few driving instructors and was very nervous about starting to driving again, but Heidi made me feel so comfortable and at ease. I passed my driving test first time and was over the moon, could not have done it without her! Such a lovely woman and a genuine friend, I very much miss my driving lessons because of her!

Kiera McCorry | 29 August, 2020

I passed my text with Heidi 2.5 years ago, she is the most patient instructor and friendly instructor. I lacked in confidence and she helped me gain enough confidence to pass my test. Cannot recommend her enough!

Hannah Street | 29 August, 2020

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What can you claim?

What are we going to do now?

As self-employed people I guess we are all asking the same question – what are we going to do now?  This time last month we began to see reports on the news of a new virus that was affecting the province of Wuhan in China. There were concerned whispers that this virus could potentially spread – but I don’t think any of us ever imagined that we would be in the position we are in now.  There is no one alive that has ever seen or witness such a time as this.  Schools, business, shops, restaurants, takeaways and everything that is non-essential forcefully closed by the government to protect the country from this deadly virus, and its ability to spread so fast.  

Everything is closed.

So with everything closed down our ability to earn an income has now been taken away.  At this stage it could be a few months, six months or even a year.  We just don’t know.  It is a worrying time as we all have bills to pay, food to buy and families to support – so we all need to pull together and share as much information as we can to make sure we can all get the help we are entitled to.  Our government has made promises that they are struggling to deliver and information is limit.  Here is as much information as I know, if you know more please let me know and I will add it to this blog. 

Self-employed help from HMRC

The government has announced that the HMRC will in due course offer support to the self-employed that matches the help being offered to those that are employed.

– You do not need to contact the HMRC to claim this support. The HMRC should be contacting all self-employed people at the beginning of June.

– You should be receiving up to 80% of your self-employed income.   The HMRC will calculate this by taking your average income from your last three years of self assessment tax returns.

– The HMRC are needing to build computer systems to cope with this as they currently have never offered anything like this before.

– If you have not been self-employed for three years the HMRC may be able to calculate any money owing to you based on two years of tax returns.  The question was asked on the news by reporters who asked what happens if someone only has one year, the response from government official giving press conference was that they would do there best.  However, payments to someone who have been self-employed for less than one year were pretty much rules out.

The current advice is that you will need to include any payments you receive in the next tax return that you complete in 2021.  Any money you earn through a temporary job or employment will also need to be declared to the HMRC.

Universal Credit

In the weeks since the lockdown began most of us have probably already applied for Universal credit.  Universal credit is not without its teething problems and there have been many bad reports about this benefit.  Universal Credit is a new benefit that combines every other benefit into a single payment.  This includes tax credit, child tax credits, disability benefits, child benefit, housing benefit and any others you can think of.

Beware as soon as you make an application for universal credit all other benefits will stop.  Within minutes of my application for universal credit application I was advised during my next call to Basingstoke and Deane that I could no longer claim any benefits locally as my application for universal credit has caused everything and anything else to stop!

You can apply for Universal Credit here.  This is done online via the website.  You will also be required to have several forms of ID as you will need to have your identification validated online.  You can do this at the same time as your application and will be forwarded to a website to do this.  This process can be tedious and slow due to the large volume of new claims.  So be prepared!

Once your application has been made you will need to phone the universal credit appointment booking line in order to book a telephone interview.  This can take some time, it took me over two hours before I gave up!  So, in the end, I sent a message from my online account they had set up from my online journal.  The next day a lady from the jobcentre at Basingstoke called my back and conducted my telephone interview there and then – she was amazing.

I was told during my interview that the benefits agency understood that I was not actively looking for employment during this time and that I was not expected to be looking or declaring online that I had been applying for work.  Be aware that if you do any temporary work that this will affect your application.

Initially do not worry about providing evidence for your claim.  As it is a telephone interview you can provide this at a later date.

 – There is a wait

Even though my claim, my verification process and telephone interview were done quickly there is still a wait before any payments are made.  The estimation waiting period for them to process my claim and come up with a figure was four weeks.  I have not had mine yet as it has not been four weeks.  But they did say it would then only take a couple of days for the money to be transferred into the bank account I provided on the application.

 – Crisis payments

If you are in a desperate situation you will be able to apply for an immediate grant.  I was offered this during my telephone interview and told that I could have the money the same day if the need was urgent.  Be aware that this is only a grant and you will need to repay any loans back over the next year – they will deduct these payments from any monies paid to you.

 – Over payments

Even though they will not be able to do a complete check on the information you are supplying to them on the application and telephone interview it is important to remember that they will at some point be carrying out these checks and any over payments will be repayable.

 – Returning to work

When you return to work it is essential that you fill out the change of circumstances section on your universal tax credits account.  You may take time to build your business back up again, but keep them advised so you are not overpaid.

Council Tax

It is very important to make sure you pay your council tax otherwise this can badly affect your credit score and affect your ability to apply for credit in the future.  Basingstoke and Deane have sent out the council tax bills for the current year, followed by a second amended bill enabling those who have opted to pay in 10 monthly instalments a payment break in April and May 2020. However, this will replace the normal payment break in February and March 2021.

Council Tax Support

If you are on a low income, no income or receiving universal credit it is highly possible that you can apply for council tax support.  I applied and was accepted.  However, when I start earning again I will need to advise the council as will no longer be entitled to the support,  But in the short term, I was very pleased that I applied as they were very generous.


TV licence

It is still a criminal offence to not pay your TV licence.  There are calls for changes to be made to the law but at the moment you MUST PAY.  If you are likely to have trouble paying your TV license you can call them and make arrangement to be transferred onto a monthly instalment plan.

Loans and mortgages

If you have any kind of loan you will need to phone the bank, building society or loan provider if there is any chance of you defaulting on the loan or missing an instalment.  I have had various success at this as I have a loan for a car.  Some banks and building societies are offering short term payment breaks, but the money will need to be paid back in full within a short period of time.  They do not seem as helpful to people with unsecured loans as they do to customers with mortgages.  Do not miss payments without speaking to them as this could affect your credit score. 

Last time I managed to get through o my bank, HSBC the person on the telephone who answered after a 2.5-hour wait was not able to offer me much reassurance.  She did say that any missed payments may initially be shown on my credit score but that I would have the right to appeal afterwards.


Car insurance

I have had previous disputes with my car insurance provider.  As a St Johns Ambulance volunteer, they have in the past refused point-blank to insure me for any and every form of volunteering.  However, when I phoned them this week they have agreed to remove this restriction to enable me to use my car for volunteering and unpaid work.  Also make sure you keep paying your car tax or it will be illegal for your car to be on the road.  If you have a driveway and can take your car off the road completely then you can go online and SCORN your vehicle.

Virgin Media

One of least important bills in my household is £100 per month I regrettably pay to Virgin Media for my TV and Broadband.  After 1.5 hours on the phone, they proved to be a complete waste of time and effort.  They refused to offer any assistance other than to suspend my Sky Sports subscription.  Big Deal! There is no sport and the moment and the Virgin Media representative told me they were doing me a favour in offering me that much.  So don’t hold your breath with Virgin.

Mobile phone providers

I have not yet tried to call my mobile provider as quite happy to keep using the phone at this stage.

If there is anything I have missed, or that is incorrect please let me know. 

Useful phone numbers


Basingstoke and Deane :
01256 844 844


Universal Credit :
0800 328 5644


0300 200 3200


TV Licencing:


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