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Anne Millington is a Grade A, DVSA Approved Driving Instructor. She is friendly and experienced at teaching people to drive and has an above-average pass rate. Anne is very popular with her students and enjoys teaching people to drive safely for life. Anne first became a driving instructor in 1991 so has over 30 years of experience.


Anne is a fantastic driving instructor, she is calm, and understanding and will make you feel at ease. Each lesson is tailored around what areas you need help with and she will do her best to fit around you and your driving needs. I recommend Anne to anybody looking for a driving instructor.

Charlotte Griffiths | 27 May, 2022

I passed my test 2 days ago, it's just becoming so real now.
I really want to thank Anne so much for getting me through it!
Anne is an amazing driving instructor and always has time for her students and always goes the extra mile for her students needs. Definitely will be recommending Anne if anyone needs a instructor. Thank you so much Anne, will miss our lessons but really appreciate you taking your time to teach me and getting me through this xx

Leanne Watson | 1 December, 2021

Anne is an amazing driving instructor she always explained everything extremely well and answered any questions I had. I enjoyed all my lessons and Anne never left me with any doubts about passing my test first time.

Tom Parker | 23 September, 2021

Wow, what can I say about Anne! She is kind, caring, so easy to get along with and calm. She is an amazing driving instructor and you won’t find another like her. I passed last week and first time too all down to Anne believing in me. Honestly get booked with Anne you won’t regret it!

Carly Allum | 31 May, 2021

Anne is a lovely lady!!

She’s extremely patient and I loved Anne’s way of teaching, very easy to understand and follow – she explains everything you need to know in detail, and for why!

Not once did I ever feel uncomfortable with Anne. I was very nervous when I first started to learn to drive and was very happy that I chose Anne as my driving instructor.

Kelvin Chatfield | 31 August, 2020

Anne is a lovely lady who made me feel at ease from the start, I felt I struggled at times but Anne is very patient which made me feel more at ease.

I would highly recommend Anne to anyone looking to learn to drive

George | 31 August, 2020

Anne made me feel comfortable from the start, being an older learner I was nervous but anne was patient & friendly and she made me more confident.

I passed first time and had no doubt when my son started learn who to recommend him to, he also passed first time.

Lorraine | 31 August, 2020

Anne is a great instructor. She’s patient, friendly and has a calming nature. When I first started learning, I was very anxious but Anne was always reassuring, had confidence in me and encouraged me to have confidence in myself and my abilities. She always keeps track of what you’ve done and what the next lesson will be on. Learning with Anne was really fun and I always looked forward to my next lesson. And I passed my driving test first time. I would highly recommend Anne as a driving instructor.

Chloe Hollingsworth | 31 August, 2020

I was so glad to have Anne as my instructor. I wasn’t very confident at times, but Anne was very calm and support. She took the time to explain new concepts and always re-explained till I was confident. Very patient and kind, would defiantly recommend.

Georgina Bolton | 31 August, 2020

Anne is a supportive and very patient instructor. She is thorough and is a lovely lady to work with!

You become a team and Anne always had faith in me when I didn’t myself!

Brilliant teaching!

Lauren Wakeley | 31 August, 2020

Anne is an amazing driving instructor, I was incredibly nervous about learning to drive but after talking to Anne I felt so much more confident about starting lessons. I passed first time. Highly recommend Anne, she is lovely and very patient

Leanne | 31 August, 2020

I had used a lot of driving instructors around Basingstoke, after struggling to find one that could provide frequent lessons at a good price I was told to try Anne. From day 1 Anne was a brilliant driving instructor in every aspect and managed to get me through my driving test. Would highly recommend.

Josh Knight | 31 August, 2020

Anne was a kind and lovely instructor who just instantly made you feel at ease when behind the wheel. She kept track of the work we had done and focussed on the main points you may of struggled with which really helped. Anyone who is looking to drive should call anne as she is fitting to all crowds and will sure to help you pass!

Danny sinclair | 31 August, 2020

I would highly recommend Anne if you are looking for an instructor. Anne is thorough is her work and will not leave you with any doubts about passing your test first time. I can honestly say that now I am driving alone, I feel safe and comfortable and no doubt that is due to Anne’s fine teaching skills.

Dan Butcher | 31 August, 2020

Anne made me feel comfortable right from my first lesson,extremely friendly and patient!

I was not very confident learning to drive but Anne always managed to keep me calm – Anne kept track of what I did each lesson and what we was to work on the following week so I knew what we would be doing. It is thanks to Anne that I passed first time.

I would Highley recommend to anyone looking to learn to drive!

Hannah Cole | 31 August, 2020

I would definitely recommend Anne as a driving instructor, extremely patient making sure you are confident with what you are learning before going onto something new. She kept track of my progress each lesson so we knew what to work each time. Extremely thankful for her patience and helping me to pass first time!

Courtney Gains | 31 August, 2020

Anne was always kind and patient and helped me to pass my test first time! I wasn’t the most confident driver yet she always encouraged me and helped me feel relaxed whenever I was anxious about learning something new. Anne always kept track of my progress and let me know how I was doing with feedback at the end of each lesson. I highly recommend Anne to anyone looking for a driving instructor!

Georgia Allen | 31 August, 2020

I enjoyed my driving lessons every week with Anne, and always learnt something new. I was not very confident but Anne put me at ease, so I felt relaxed, and we would always have great conversations. I would highly recommend Anne for anyone that’s considering learning to drive.

Georgia Oliver | 29 August, 2020

I had a great experience learning to drive with Anne. She is extremely kind and patient and always took time to explain everything properly, with genuine care for teaching. Her lessons were structured and I always learnt something new.

Rosie Hatton | 29 August, 2020

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